Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thinking Hat

1) Yellow hat.

The Yellow Hat means What did I enjoy this term.
What I enjoy this term is having a netbook, because it is more easier than a paper and pencil and because it faster.

2) Black Hat.

The Black means what things I didn’t like this term.

I didn’t enjoy not knowing my fraction’s. I did think it was enough but I wanted to learn more.

3) White Hat.

The white hat means What did I learn.

I learnt how to work new things on my netbook because it is new and people sometimes don’t know how to work new things. What I learnt how to do on my netbook is to change my backround.

4) Red Hat.

The red hat means How did I feel about my term overall.

What I felt about my term overall is that I have a great time with my class mates you know why is because they are kind to me and they share games with me and helps me.

5) Green Hat.

The green hat stands for what did I find most Interesting

I had find out that there are a ten in a ten that makes a whole. I like fractions. It helps me learn.

6) Blue Hat

The Blue hat means What could I have done better to help my learning

I could have done better at my Fractions. I could have done better on Aussie rules why because I did not know how to do a droppant and a drop pant is a kick.