Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Do you know what Perimeter is? Well let me tell you.. Perimeter is how far around the outside of a shape. Click this Link Perimeter. And it will take you to the site.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Maths Symmetry

In room 13 we had to do Symmetry. This is a mirror one. We click Random then we have to copy the colours from one side, and make it into a mirror. Here is a link. Mirror

This one is a rotation. You choose your colours down bottom then click on a square. When you click that square it would do the same on the other squares but downwards and side ways.
Here is a link. Rotation

I want to be a Ambassador

Learning, Creating and Sharing is one of the best ways to show the world your learning. At Pt England School we do all those things. We learn a lot of things. We also create fabulous movies, animations and art works. All sorts of things. And the way to share it all is on our BLOG and sometimes TV or even competitions.

One of the best things I have done in 2012 was during our Art inquiry. In term 2 we made tissue flowers. It was interesting but really hard work. I learnt that I had to keep going till the end, and not to give up.
The way we created the tissue flowers was by making the petals  out of tissues. I glued them onto the cardboard. After I finished, I waited till the glue had dried then I painted the tissues. The way I shared my tissue flower was on my Blog and on the wall outside our classroom!!! Here is a link to my Tissue Flower.

I want to be an Ambassador because, it is a great opportunity to tell famous people what we do at our school. I think that I would be a great Ambassador because it will help me become a clearer speaker and not to be shy. You don’t always get a opportunity to talk to famous people. So that’s why I would be a perfect Ambassador.

I would also want to do the speaking in Maori. I think it would help me learn more Maori than I know now.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mary's Maths Tangrams

Tangrams This is a cat I made out of Tangrams shapes. Using 7 shapes to create all sorts of things.


I think that I am better at my writing compared to last year. I’ve improved a lot of my writing. It is amazing because last year I was terrible at my writing. I thought about learning very carefully this year. That’s how I improved my writing. By focusing.

This year was very surprising because I also improved my reading. I’m reading at age 13, and I’m only a 9 year old. That is amazing. I never knew that I could do it. I would have enjoyed doing more movie making and a bit more writing. To me writing is fun. Also movie making. I want to do more movie making because it is fun and is interesting.
My goals for next year is to get a little bit better at my writing and to add more detail to it.

Having a netbook is better than a pen and paper because, on our netbooks we can go online, on our blogs. Everything. But when we are with pen and paper..... It hurts my fingers.

The best thing about being a Year 5 is that I had a lot of fun. It was interesting to learn more about cameras how you can take interesting pictures. Learning how to use a Galaxy Tablet and ipads.

It is all to do with..... LEARN, CREATE, SHARE!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Pink alien and the Black Cat

While sitting in the kitchen a black cat was eating it’s dinner. A pink alien was dancing in front of the black cat. “MEOW!!!!!” Went the cat. “Oh No!!!!” went the pink alien with one eye. When the black cat was sprinting after the pink alien, the little fella was still dancing as he ran.

BAMMM!!!!!!! The little pink alien with one eye disappeared into the carpet. Where did that little scum go? The cat thought. “Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!” The pink alien laughed.  

“You think you can hide you pink scum but you can’t?”. Said the black Cat. The little pink alien kept hiding in the carpet. The black cat gave up on the pink alien.  “Don’t go”. The alien said.

Fine then. The cat thought. So he kept chasing after the pink alien. They ran everywhere. You are too fast. They both ran under the bed, over the couch, under the tables, and through the chairs.

The owner came into the door. She picked him up. “What on earth is that cat doing”.
Whispered the owner. In the end it was just the cat’s imagination. That’s The END.

Thank you Watersafe Auckland and Chris

Today was our last day of swimming. I am sure going to miss it. I would like to say a big thanks to Chris and to Watersafe Auckland for lending the pool to us for a term. And also to Mr Garth Jacobsen and Mr Malloy for putting in the chemicals and keeping it clean and locked.

We learnt a lot about how to be safe in the water. We learnt about, Floating, Treading water, and to wear a life Jacket when you're out at sea. We also built rafts. Our class made whirlpools. When we made waves we had to swim through them. I would want to say another big THANKS to Chris and Watersafe Auckland.... You Rock.

Swimming from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mary's Flying Car Machine

Mary's Flying Car Machine
Here is my animation I turned into a movie. It spent me 5 weeks to do. Hope you like it.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank You Manaiakalani

I Mary am proud to be part of the Manaiakalani cluster. I like to share my things with Manaiakalani  and with the world, the Manaiakalani Trust, our school and our parents. I would like to thank the Manaiakalani Education and Mr Burt and Mrs Burt.

The Minister Of Education came to our school. Her name is Hekia Parata. Why did she come to our school? Hekia Parata came to our school because it’s cool. There was a man and his name was Greg Va’afusuaga. He stood up and told us that there was 4 F words. Family, Friends, Fellowship, and Food. He said all these things because it meant Cooperation, and working together.

Why do we have Netbooks? We don’t have Netbooks to play games on but we do have Netbooks to learn with, and to learn on. The Manaiakalani cluster helped us get these Netbooks of ours. So I would like to thank them again for helping us. THANK YOU MANAIAKALANI CLUSTER!!!!!!! What would we have done without you......

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mary Somebody I Used To Know

I was 7 when I saw the first Manaiakalani Film Festival. It was awesome. A year later there had been another Film Festival. We entered the second one. The Movie was called Nearning. Again it was fabulous. I’m 9 now, and just last week there was a 3rd Film Festival. I went to go and watch it. No doubt the 3rd one was better.

My favourite movie of the 3rd Film Festival is, “Somebody I Used to Know” by Room 17 Pt England school. I think you should watch this movie because, it is emotional and has a lot of singing. I could watch this movie over and over again.

I give this movie Ten Stars....

Thursday, November 15, 2012

50 Word Manaiakalani Film Festival

I was excited because it was the Film Festival. “Tena Koutou Tamariki Ma”. Mr Burt exclaimed. “Tena Koe Mr Burt”. The crowd shouted back. The first presenters were from Tamaki College. The movie finally started. I loved theirs because it had enthusiasm. It was called Azonto. I loved their Movie.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scary Doll Story About Alma

While skipping through the freezing cold snow, a little girl named Alma stopped near this chalkboard and wrote her name.

Behind Alma was a doll staring straight at her from the shop, across the road from her. The doll looked exactly like her.

She walked towards the shop window. Alma could not believe it. When she rubbed her hands together, Alma looked back up and the doll was gone. She went to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. When Alma walked away, the door opened by itself . She was shocked.

Alma entered the shop. She saw a little doll on a bicycle. Alma picked it up and let it ride. The doll on the bicycle tried escaping but he couldn’t, because the door shut before he could get out. Alma turned and looked at the door. She was staring at it for quite a while.

Alma turned back around. Looking at the stool where the doll had been, Alma could see that the doll had disappeared. She searched the room and spotted it high on the big shelf.

Alma was reaching out to the doll. She could not reach it. She grabbed a chair and stood on it.
(BANG) As Alma touched the doll, she disappeared inside it.
Alma looked around. She was very scared. There was another doll now standing on the stool. Waiting for the next child to come around.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

While Charlie was walking along the footpath, he found a silver coin in the drain. “ I am going to buy a Wonka Bar”. He cried out loud. So off he went with his lucky coin....

As Charlie walked into the door, the bell rang, Ding Ding. “ May I have a scrumdiddlyumptious Wonka Bar please, Oh and make it the biggest one you have?” Charlie asked nicely. “ Sure”. The shopkeeper answered back. “ Here you are”. he said. “ Thank You”. Charlie replied feeling very relieved.

Charlie tore the wrapper off as fast as he could and shoved the chocolate down his throat. “Hey, hey, hey slow down eh, you could get a stomach ache if you eat like that”.  Warned the shopkeeper. Charlie kept eating. The shopkeeper gave back Charlie’s change. He thought of buying one for his Grandpa Joe. So he did.

After Charlie had bought his Grandfather’s chocolate, he walked outside. “ Slow down okay, one at a time”. Exclaimed the man. Everybody was crowding all around the newspaper man. Charlie looked over at them. He went to go and see what the were all yapping about. At last he saw the paper. “ The fifth ticket had been a fake”.

Charlie walked away quietly. He hoped he still might have a chance. Charlie hid away in a little corner. He ripped the outside wrapper of Grandpa’s chocolate, then tore the inside carefully. Little Charlie  saw a piece of gold hanging out. He quickly shut it as if it wasn’t real. Then opened it again and took the whole thing out.

Then with a fright, a lady pulled his arm, and dragged Charlie towards the crowd. “ He’s found it, he’s got the last golden ticket”. The lady yelled out. “ May I look, Hey move out of the way”. Everybody was saying. The shopkeeper pulled onto Charlie’s arm, then moved him away. “Run, run hold on to that ticket and don’t stop running till you get home”. The shopkeeper shouted. Charlie sprinted all the way home.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Story About The Beach

My mum called out, “Who wants to go to the beach”. We all replied back, “ WE DO”!!!!!! “ I can’t wait till we get there”. I said to my mum. We packed some lunch then left. “ Finally we’re leaving. It took you guys long enough”. My big sister exclaimed.

“ Yay we made it. We finally made it”. After getting changed, I ran towards the beach. I jumped onto the rocks, I almost slipped but no. With a big splash I was gone. I had an half an hour swim. It was so incredible, but no one wanted to join me because, the water was too cold. It was lunch time. “ I’m starving”. My cousin Xavier had finished before me. He ran to the beach.

Xavier quickly hopped onto the rocks. He accidently landed with his feet in the puddle,                     then Xavier slipped. “ Oh no!!!!! Mum, mum. Xavier fell”. We all ran down to the rocks. “ Are you alright”. My sister exclaimed. “ No, I think I broke my back”. “Quickly call an ambulance”. My mother shouted in a very panicked way.

The ambulance came and took Xavier to the Hospital. Me and my mum had to go with him. I didn’t recognized we were at the Hospital. They ran him into the room. Xavier was tossed onto this bed. He had to have surgery.

Xavier was was gonna be okay, he just had a very very serious back injury. Today wasn’t the day it turned out to be.

Friday, October 19, 2012


With my big sister dressed like a clown, and I a ninja, we finally made it around the neighbourhood on Halloween. While walking, she snatched the bucket of lollies off me. “ Hey!! Give that back”. I yelled aggressively. “ No. I took you Trick or Treating”. She exclaimed. Mum walked into the room. She growled us and took the lollies away. “ You are never going Trick or Treating again”. Mum said madly.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The story about Josh

This narrative is about a boy named Josh. He lives in America, and his country had flooded. When it rains the flood rises. It is threatening. Josh was so naughty, he sneaked outside without his mum knowing.

While his nana was moving furniture to higher ground, with his mother. Josh had thought of making a bet for him to jump into the flood, to see if he could touch the bottom. So he went and made his bet.

With a huge SPLASH!!!!! He had disappeared. “Josh.....  Josh”. Shouted his mother. “ Oh Josh where are you”. She kept shouting. Josh’s friends were starting to get worried. “ He’s been down there for quite a while”. Jason exclaimed. “ I’m going down to get him”. Jason said.

By then Josh had hit his head on a building and had sunk. Jason was just in time to catch him before he hit the rock. Josh was sent to Hospital with his Mum. In the end Josh had a serious head injury.

He was lucky to have had his mother there to help him. Poor old Josh. Jason is a hero.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Brother Disappearing by a Witch

In room 13 we are pretending to make our big brother, sister or who else disappear. Why you ask? Well we are doing this because, we read a book about the witches. Our teacher Miss King asked if we could write a fake story of how a witch can make a member, in your family disappear.

Creeping towards my big brothers room, I heard something. I quickly jumped out of bed. Walking up to my door, my body had been hid behind the door. I peeked through the little hole. “ It’s a witch”.... I gasped. “ What is she doing. Is she taking my big brother away... Cause if she is, I am glad”. I whispered.

The witch took him away... I followed. It was silent all around. “ Turn this boy into a chicken”. I heard the witch say. “ OH NO”.... I exclaimed. She has turned my big brother into a chicken. My mouth laughed a bit. It was a bit mean. It was the next morning. “ Mary we are having roasted chicken tonight”. My mum said. My big brother was in our freezer because, that creepy witch had turned my brother into a chicken.

Finally it was night time..... My mother took the chicken out of the freezer and then put him into the oven. “ I can’t believe we are going to eat my brother”... I exclaimed in my head. Dinner was ready. I took his leg first....... My dad was eating the leg as well. He said, “ This chicken tastes like Lynx spray. He spat it out. “ Plah, Plah”. With extra spit.... “ What is in this thing”. I laughed.

That was the end of my Brother. Will he be the last one to disappear in my family??????

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Richard Withehead

listen to ‘Mary's 50 word story’ on Audioboo

Jumping in the air, I celebrated by waving my Great Britain Flag. When finishing my 100m race, the crowd was so proud of me, because I have prosthetic legs. I Richard Whitehead represent Britain. I am excited because I did well. At the Paralympics, I had a great smile. YAY!!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson

Did you know that if you make 10 people smile a day, then you will have a happy life. Tommy Kapai Wilson, came to our school to tell us special things. Tommy is a real famous guy. Cool.

Tommy taught us 5 LESSONS, and they are......
1. Make 10 people smile a day
2. War and Violence are Dumb
3. Learn how to Forgive
4. Everybody is born with a Gift
There you have it, all the LESSONS Tommy Kapai Wilson taught Pt England.

Did you know that Tommy Wilson has worked for famous people, like the Crown Prince. COOL....  While Tommy was working for the Prince they all had to call him, “ Yes your Royalness”. But after two weeks guess what Tommy got to call the Prince? Bro. Two weeks later Tommy could call him mate.

The Crown Prince bought Tommy a Ferrari..... MEAN... I thought he was lucky. To me I think that Tommy Kapai Wilson has had a life journey. He is so clever. Tommy got that Ferrari from the Crown Prince, because he made him smile everyday.

Rich people have got everything, but in life they got nothing. Love and happiness is all that is important. Tommy Kapai Wilson is a Childrens book Author. Tommy Wilson is fun and cool.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Re- Crafting Aldora's Writing

Today we practiced re-crafting a piece of writing. The first paragraph belongs to Aldora, and the second is mine.

Aldora’s Writing

“yeah” I said happily to myself. I was nearly there. I sprinted to the finish line and  made myself happy. I had a drink and then I had a rest. Looking down at my pretty purple and black shoes, it was all muddy and yucky.

Mary’s Writing
“Yay”, I sang proudly to myself. I was so ecstatic that I had crossed the finish line. As I walked passed the drinking fountain, I had a drink then sat down. Looking at my shoes, they were covered with thick mud. We all felt exhausted.
Aldora’s Cross Country Recount

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Liu Xiang

Before the race, I knew that I had to win for my country China. I thought in my head, “ If I don’t win this race my country will be disappointed”. “ Take your marks,  GO”!!!!! The athletes went off. My goal was to win a gold medal, and make it to the end, at least.

As I crashed out, I held onto my back leg. I absolutely felt embarrassed and disappointed. It was nerve racking. My achilles tendon hurt badly.
After the race I was so angry that I had lost. I wanted to leave. Hopping out of the stadium, I turned to come back in, because I knew I should finish. Hopping down the track, I was near the end. My two friends came and helped me the rest of the way.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Real Cross Country

Walking down to the Reserve, I felt like I couldn’t do it. But I had to. We all hate Cross Country, but the Teachers love it, when we do it. Getting nervous, I lined up with all the other competitors. Go!!!!! Mr Burt exclaimed. I jogged at the start. Finally people were passing me. “ No”. I was coming first but then , one of the 9 year olds passed me.

Running through the bushes, it looked scary. There were muddy patches all around, and did I make myself muddy. My feet were aching. I could not feel my legs or arms. Cross Country is totally boring. Teachers these days.

I was nearly at the end. I could hear people cheering. Running around the corner, I almost slipped. There were Teachers telling us to turn left, turn right. It was so frustrating. “ Yay”, I made it. Finally it was finished. I came 9th.

Cross Country is harder than you think....... It was all with Perseverance.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Usain Bolt

Here is A Movie that, Mua Puawai, and Mary made. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Thank You Panasonic

Every year Panasonic runs a competition. During assembly a man named Paul came into our school hall, and talked to us. He came to our school to announce the winners. Guess what? Room 13 won the storyboard.

So Paul and Panasonic gave us the camera so we can film the storyboard we made. He also gave us a microphone and a memory card. Room 13 wants to say thank you Panasonic and Paul for giving us the camera and that!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cross Country Training

As Room 13 walked towards the courts, I asked “What is going on”? Miss King exclaimed  “ We are doing Cross Country”. “ I don’t feel like doing cross country”, I said to myself.

Sitting down. Mr Marks said “Year 5 Girls”. Finally it was our turn. Getting ready to go, my heart was pounding. “GO”!!!!!!!! Mr Marks yelled.  

Running through the breeze, my heart was pounding 2 times worse than before. I said to my friend “ I feel really tired”. “But we haven’t even ran a lap”. Keis exclaimed. “ I know but”........ I gasped.

Running past Mr Sommerville, I stopped. He said “ Keep on running you can do it, don’t stop”. While running, I was struggling to breathe. “ Why oh why, do we have to do Cross Country? Teachers these days!”. I shouted.

Finally we are finished. I feel like I had done more than just a lap. I hope next time it rains, because running is TIRING!!!!!! My goal for Cross Country is to make the whole way and do my very best.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Olympics

Olympism is a life philosophy that encourages Sport, Culture, and Education. There are 3 original values, Excellence, Friendship, and Respect.

Excellence: Excellence is not about winning. It’s about Participating, Striving, and achieving for your goals, and your personal best. The Olympics is giving one’s best and running on the field.

At the center of the Olympic movement are people. The Olympics encourage athletes to become friends. With team spirit Men and Women, can reach their goals.

Respect: This value inspires people to take part in, team spirit, and have fun. The rules in the Olympic games are to respect oneself, one’s body, and one another. In the Olympics you have to have a great attitude and fair-play.

Monday, July 16, 2012


During term 3 I want to learn about Sprinting because, Jesse Owens was the fastest sprinter in the world. Becoming the fastest sprinter in the world is very interesting. Jesse Owens was a talented Sprinter.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Messy Room 13

It was the last day of term, at Pt England School....... Every class had to move things around for the next. It was tiring but fun. We had to take everything on the walls off. Some of us were ripping things by accident.

I was having to take all the black borders off. It was very hard. Me and Jordan were laughing because we couldn’t take the black bordes off.

Last year we never had to take everything off, but this year it is different. Why your asking? While we are on Holidays, builders are coming in to put new stuff on our walls.

WOW!!!!! Do you know what it feels like to have a messy classroom?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reflection of term 2 2012

What Did I Enjoy?

I enjoyed blending my colours together so they can stand out.

Things I Didn’t Enjoy?

To me I enjoyed everything, because there was no harm done in my Artwork. I actually improved.

What Did I Learn?

This term I learnt a lot about Art, because I never knew you could do so many things in Art.

How Do I Feel About My Term Overall?

I feel happy and proud of my work I’ve done this term.

What Did I Find Most Interesting?

ART!!!! This term we have been learning about Art. You think Art can’t been fun but trust me, it is interesting.

What Could I Have Done Better To Help My Learning?

Listening more so my Artwork would look better than it is now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When Mootisse and Pigasso Met

Once there was a pig named Pigasso. He loved painting. Pigasso would paint anything, in most unusual ways. At the same time, there was a bull named Mootisse. Mootisse was not like other bulls. He was not interested in Bullfighting, but he loved painting.

When they met they started to fight. So I guess they were ENEMIES!!!!!!! Pigasso and Mootisse never got along. They wanted to apologize, but they didn’t know how to.

One day they were painting. While they were doing their art they had an idea. Mootisse and Pigasso said that could say sorry through just painting. So they did just that. From that day on Mootisse and Pigasso became good friends. THE END!!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Composition IV

Composition IV is a mix of, swirly colours and soaring lines.

On the left, is a Sharp Violent motion painting. That means it has more drawings, and Sharp lines. The painting on the right side is all, Calm relaxed and has Colour harmonies.

Two Red - Hatted cossacks were holding black swords, in front of a Blue Mountain. While the Third white bearded cossack leaned against his Purple Sword. On top of the Blue Mountain is a castle.

Down the left, is a Rainbow, and Two cossacks on a Horseback getting ready to Battle. Down on the lower right is, two people lying on a hill, while above two cossacks watching over.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swimming Recount

“ YES!!!!!!! Swimming time!!!!! It is the best thing of the year. Can’t wait”.

Filled with anticipation, we walked to the pool. While talking, I didn’t notice I was right behind everyone. It was really tiring, I didn’t think I could walk any more further. Finally we stopped at the end of the grass, and made one line to enter the pools.

Hopping into the pool, it was so warm. The first lesson we learnt was freestyle. It was fun. At the end..... I could barely touch the bottom. The only thing I needed to learn was my breathing. I asked Natalie “ Why am I the only one having to practise my breathing”? I asked. “ I don’t know”. She replied.

Swimming is awesome. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Rhyming Words

Room 13 are trying to make Rhyming Words. Here are mine. Enjoy reading my Poem.

Walking to the pool,
Mary looked like a funny fool.
Across the tall grass,
I gasped and ran fast.

Having a shower,
we had great power.
Kicking with a board,
I slipped and then soared.
Getting into my togs,
I looked like a frog.
While having to kick,
I felt really SICK!!!!!

Jumping in the pool,
Everyone thought I was trying to be a fool.
To me I thought I swim to lot,
but then I lost the plot.

Kicking and paddling,
I struggled to breathe.
Luckily the lifeguards,
Chose not to leave.

While starting to sink,
I knew I had to think.
Swimming can be Fun,
But I still need some sun.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Tissue Flower

On Friday our class room 13 made tissue flowers. Here is a picture for you.... Sit back and ENJOY your reading......

Quickly I stuck the tissue flower on the paper before the glue dried.

Painting the flowers wa the hardest thing to do because, we had to make sure the colours didn’t mix.

Bright colours stood out while I was painting my background.

Step by step, we glued the parts of the flower onto the cardboard.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Melted Crayon

Starting term 2 off with a funny weird looking creation named Melted Crayon Art, was real FUN!!!!!!!!! We are not only doing this creation for fun, but because the topic for this term is....... ART ALIVE!!!!!!

First we had to glue the crayons on a cardboard in order with a glue gun. While waiting, Miss King cut out the word create for a stencil. After she had finished cutting we painted inside the word.

While working together, we took the hairdryer then blow dried the crayons, from Hot to Cold. All the colours melted onto the canvas from Hot to Cold. It looked gross while dribbling, but also COOL!!!!!

The art work looked like a VOLCANO!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mary's Camp Movie

Have you been to camp... Well if you want to know this is the Blog Post you would want to come to.... Sit back and a ENJOYYYYY!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My First time and Day at Camp

Hi my name is Mary and this is my first time at Camp. I am excited can't wait...

While walking towards the hall, I was shy at first. Finally I got to do my exciting activity. It was called Top Team... It was really fun and a bit silly.

We had to run towards the river but a fake one. Everybody had to use these long pieces of wood. They had little holes for these long strings. It was hard but lease we got there.... We worked as a team and that's all that matters.

When we got across the river we had to crawled under the tarpulin which was really fun.

The Top Team is really fun. CAMP IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Times Table

This Slide Show shows you my 6 Times Tables.
Hope you like it.... Hope I get them right.

Large Soup made out of Caly

Have you seen a bowl made out of Clay. Well now's your chance because here is a movie of a Man Making a bowl out of Clay. Don't try it at home because you will never know. It might be a disaster. Hope you like my story about the "Large soup bowl made out of Clay".....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ben Carson


Have you been to Telstra Clear Pacific. Well the Year 5 to 8 went to Telstra Clear to go and learn about Ben Carson. The event was about how Ben Carson was living when he was little. We were transport by a bus. From there back to school.

While Entering the building I gasped. I looked at the walls it pulled my consentration away from myself. Jona Lomu was on the walls but it wasn’t a real picture it was just colours. That blew my eyes away from what I was seeing on the walls. It was a real good experience for me.

When it was time for us to sit down the teachers were telling us were to go like “ You go over there, move over so she can fit”. It was NOISY!!!!! and frustrating.....

Do you know that Ben Carson separated these con-joined twins. It sounds sad but they survived. If it wasn’t for Doctor Ben Carson, the con-joined twins would be still stuck together.
Ben Carson was a Gifted Surgeon. Against all the odds he worked hard to become rich. Now he is famous because he is a Brain Surgeon not only that he is CLEVER!!!! If it wasn’t for his knowledge he wouldn’t be rich.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Picnic

“ YAY!!!! it’s picnic time again”. When I knew that it was time I felt excited. Last year it was good, but this year was even better. I was saying to myself “ What should I do when we get there?”. Running towards Pt England beach, I picked up a blob of clay and started to play with it. I LOVE playing with clay.

Eating..... Everybody LOVES eating good food. Well.. While sitting next to delicious chocolate cupcakes they made me want to eat them. Obviously I couldn't because they weren’t mine. Instead I just sat and dreamt!

Getting a small bat and a ball..... I wanted to find someone to play with. Politely I asked Muamua and she exclamied “ Yes”, and we played nice together.