Monday, November 30, 2015

Extension Reflection

This post is about my year I have had in Extension for 2015.

This year has been extraordinary and I have loved every minute of it! Not a minute went by when I wanted to quit Extension because I had been learning so much. Having Mrs Lagitupu as out Extension teacher was a surprise because I didn't know Mrs Lagitupu to be an Extension teacher. But overall she has been great to us and gave us absolutely great projects to work on to stable our learning and give us more understanding.

The students in Extension this year has been wonderful. They have been understanding and never put each other down! We were like family, we collaborated fantastically and we worked well together. The year 7's this year were amazing and can't wait to see what they're like next year when we're gone.

TRIPS! The trips we had were outstanding we had multiple of them but I can't remember all. Check out my blog to find out more. This year's trips were fun and outstanding. We had heaps of fun as well as learning a lot.

Extension this year was spectacular and I really don't want to leave this school, because that means leaving Extension. I hope that the Extension students next year, do well and get good academic awards!


In the last couple of weeks, the Year 7 & 8 Extension have been working on a project called Bioengineering.
Bioengineering is two words put in to one! Biology and Engineering. In this project our task was to find the definition of Bioengineering and transfer it in to our own words. In this presentation you will see what I have understood from Bioengineering!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Free Blog Writing

Have you been so comfortable in a place and never want to leave? This is an experience other year 8's and I are going through. Many of us have been here at Pt England for at least 8 years. Pt England school is like another family to us that has helped us through many things, and has lifted our spirits up.

Being a part of Pt England School has helped me in Schooling as well as how to respect the others more appropriately. As you may know I am a year 8, and this is my last year here at Pt England. In less than 2 weeks I will be leaving this school, and moving on to college. Yes I can't wait to move onto college, but it is so sad that we have to leave. I have been here for 5 years and I have made so many memories here as well as great friends. They are actually like my family.

In 2015 I was given role to guide our school to strive to succeed and do their best. Four boys and Four Girls were selected to be prefects and to be a good role model for our school. We have had many upcoming events and our school has succeeded on those event and activities.

Being a prefect has meant a lot to me and has really inspired me to become a great role model to my sisters and family at home. Also being a prefect I have had the opportunity to be apart of many great things like the Hokule'a arrival and speaking for the school to special guests and visitors. I have loved being a prefect and can't wait for what's coming ahead for me at college.

Pt England School is a great school, and you can make a lot of memories. I will love and miss this school always no matter what!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Google Expedition

At the age of 12 and 13, Pt England’s Intermediate students got the chance to experience a Google Expedition. It was fortunate to be apart of this incredible group as well as travelling the world with our friends. To kick start the year 7’s were split into their three groups that they are usually in for Te Reo Maori. This all happened while the year 8’s left for tech.

Entering the doors of the common room, the year 7’s were sitting quietly. We made our way ready for P.E.N.N. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to watch P.E.N.N (Pt England News Network) so we decided to watch it after morning tea. This did take up a little bit of the year 8’s time, but we didn’t mind!

“Rua, you will be going first,” we heard Mrs Tele’a, this reason is because we were lined up in straight lines ready to begin. I was excited. Dave was the man who was going to explain what we were about to do. He asked politely, “So, can you please get your Google Cardboard.” Without any hesitation, everyone rushed towards the table where the object was placed.

I placed the google cardboard on my eyes and looked into it. The first image that popped up was a man named David Attenborough. Have you ever heard of this name? This man is a famous scientist and a narrator on documentaries. He was located in the Borneo Rain forest. It was so incredible and bizarre, because if you turned your head the Google Cardboard recognizes that and rotate with you.

Have you ever wondered where the tallest building is in the world? This was one of the other extraordinary place we had visited. This building is found in Dubai. It is named, The Burj Khalifa, and is made up of 43 floors. The Burj Khalifa has a hotel, a restaurant, working offices and multiple more.

During the Google Expedition, we had little activities. Mrs Tele’a or Dave would choose a place like the Rain forest and the aim was to try and find the Python snake. It was tricky because it was camouflaged with the leaves on the ground.

All these places were incredible and a great experience. I found using the Google Cardboard quite easy and interesting to use in a good way. As everybody knows, in this generation everything is about technology and having Google Cardboard to explore the world in even better. That day was a great day because also I enjoyed it with my friends. Google Cardboard should become worldwide, and hopefully Pt England School as well as the Manaiakalani School’s succeed in getting their own Google Cardboard.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Andrew Patterson - College Talk

Do you remember the first time you went to college? Or what you felt when you first entered the gates? None of us here at Pt England Intermediate has experienced college as you may know, but in 3 months we will be experiencing the most important start of our lives.

Andrew Patterson came in to talk to us about the different subject that colleges have and extras.
One of the statements that were made by him, were habits. He gave us sheets of paper that had a riddle on it. The riddle was a task to unriddle. The riddle was named, Who Am I? All the year 8’s read it together and was asked if any of us had figured it out. The answer was habits. The riddle was habits. He talked about good habits and bad habits. What are habits? What do they mean? Why do we have them? These were question that were asked to figure out.

I bet you're wondering what does habits got to do with college? Well it has a huge impact for when you go college. You need to have good habits in order to do well in school. As well bad habits to learn from your mistakes. One of the videos that Andrew Patterson showed us said, to make your brain grow you need to make mistakes. This is a meaning that we need to remember.

It was a great talk to prepare us for college, as well as doing well and making us have a good future!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Number Knowledge

Here is my Extension maths that I have recently done. I hope you like!