Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Going to the lagoon Swimming Pools

Yesterday my older sister Delina came and picked up me and my little sister Stacey and her daughter Sarahnea, to go to the Panmure Lagoon Pools. We were so excited. As soon as we got there we got changed and went straight into the pool. I heard my name being called. "Mary, Mary." I looked around no one was there. Turned around.... It was my friend from school Lizara.

We had our swim then went home. As soon as I got home, the next day I got sunburn. It's still sore but I will get over it.


  1. Did you play in the splash area? - I can't remember its real name. The hydroslide? Was the pool cold?
    What a shame you ended up sunburnt - slip, slop and slap!!!
    What have you been up to since Christmas?

    1. I have just been to my older sisters and to my auntys. We also went to an island on a barge that was fun. The splash area was closed and the hydroslide was fun. The pools was really cold but then you get used to it.