Monday, March 23, 2015


Have you been to Polyfest throughout the 40 years its been invented? Well Pt England’s intermediate students did, and it was enjoyable. Thursday March 18th 2015, we went to Manukau’s Sports Bowl where the event was held. You wouldn’t believe how many public people were there... Over 150 maybe or less.

At around about   8.45 - 9.00 we were ready to board the bus. “Nikki, come here, sit down.” I slightly shouted across the bus to my friend Nikki. She didn’t hesitate and came and sat down next to me, Rave, and Lesieli. We all enjoyed our time on the bus and played multiple games for instance, Chinese Whisper, In my lunch box and that’s about it.

The bus came to a set of lights and sooner that later it turned green and just on the side of the bus, was where Polyfest was. We pulled up outside a large space of grass that was for Pt England Intermediate students. Making our way out of the bus we were chitty and chatty so much that we had to sit down for the teachers to tell us what to do.

10 minutes later we were still waiting, I wondered what the problem was. Approximately 30 minutes later we were now late. Mrs Tele’a rings one of the teachers and was already in the gates sitting down. Could you blame us if we moaned? I would, but there was also no reason to. It was just a all misunderstanding.

Some people introduced themselves and then a special guest enters. There were camera’s surrounding the guest but finally Mr. John Key shows himself. He said a few words and then made his way into the big A.S.B shelter. After that we got into our class groups then on we went.

It was a great experience, especially if it was your first time! Polyfest is a great way to celebrate your culture... Plus they have delicious food at Polyfest!

My enjoyable bit of the day was watching the Maori stage and the bus ride!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Dictation Practise

Image result for kung fu pigs
Once again, Pig and Wolf came face to face and things aren't looking too good for the pigs. Who will protect the Emperor? Is there anyone who will answer his high-pitched squeal for help? Anyone at all? Better bang that Gong, Ping Pong!

I am Oinky No-Ho, adviser to the great Emperor Ping Pong, and priest of the Monastery of Wu-dah-ling. I am here to tell you of the Kung-fu pigs, and of how they fought to defend our lands against that most evil traitor, the Crimson Trotter (He who keeps the company of wolves). In this tale you will learn of bandits and of fowl play. Of magic swords and evil spells. And so, honourable stranger, let us begin...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Video Conference with Schools from Hawaii

Today is the 11th of March and this morning was quite new to us. We have never done this before in extension and it was different but a good kind of different. We did a video conference with two schools in Hawaii. How cool is that? That is pretty awesome.

At first we introduced each other and then we showed them a presentation about Pt England School and a little bit about Auckland. For instance we showed them what kind of native birds we have here in New Zealand and special places like the whole in the rock and Rotorua's Hot pools and many more. After we finished introducing our school, it was their turn. They made a movie which surprised but not that much. Their movie was really impressive and showed a lot of their school.

The two schools that we conferenced with was, Kea'au Elementary school and Nanakulli. Both schools and their teachers had a funny sense of humour. One of the teachers was full of questions and luckily we knew what answers to give them.

Did you know that their school holds at least 870 students. So most of them are mostly Hawaiian and the rest are different cultures. And we hold around about 640 students. That's like.... 230 more than what we have here at Pt England.
We didn't have much questions but we did ask them a certain question which was, "What is the Tsunami Museum all about." And their answer was, "It was all about the big Tsunamis that hit a certain village during the past years and that is the place where you can find out more."

Did you know that the Hokule'a waka is coming to the shores of Pt England Beach on the 24th of March. The are here while on their journey, The Malama Honua journey and decided to stop by. That was half the reason why we were having a video conference with the 2 schools and Marybeth from Hawaii. We are really lucky here at Pt England School getting to Video Conference with schools in Hawaii and having a waka sail from Hawaii come and visit.
The most interesting thing that I found out about over in Hawaii was that students had to move houses du to the volcanic eruption in Hawaii. Ashes were in the backyard and sometimes it was unable to et into the house! That was the most interesting thing that I found out.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Diary Entry

Day one:

At first I couldn’t believe that the day had come to voyage to Rapanui (Easter Island.) It was unbelievable seeing all the food being packed on board the waka. A lot of things were swirling around in my head like, if we were going to make it or not, or if we were going to have enough food for us to survive. But I knew that we would be fine. Because if our ancestors could sail there surely we could do the same. We were then repeating history.

While tears were pouring out of my eyes, I slowly said goodbye to my family. As the waka sailed out to sea I was thinking if we were going to have some good time or bad times? It didn’t really matter because we were going to have them both. I was also looking forward to seeing how good our surviving skills were.

Day thirty:

It is day thirty and we are halfway to our destination, Rapanui (Easter Island.) We are a couple of hours away from a little break on another island. I am feeling surprised that I handled it to this very moment. I wasn’t expecting that. We still had quite a while to go to get to we we want to but it has been an astonishing journey.

A couple of hours have passed and we are taking a break on a island. As the waka Te Aurere was sailing into shore there were people doing hakas and everything. I was quite glad that we had another pit stop again because I kind of missed land. I am missing my family because I was around peoples families, and it made me homesick.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Have you ever had a happy day with your family or spent some quality time with your family recently? Well I did and I will be writing a recount about everything.

It was on January the 18th 2015 when the day actually happened. We had been preparing and doing make-up and everything that day. My Mum, Dad, 3 sisters, Aunty’s, Uncle and nan were excited to be invited to my older Brother’s wedding. That’s right my 23 year old brother was getting married to a beautiful women named Emma. They had been together for quite some time now and finally he popped the question. But it all happened at Mission Bay beach. They were out just having time together with my nephew Tyreece. Suddenly my brother asks Tyreece if he would give the ring to Emma. When he gave it to Emma, she opened it and then just poured out with tears.
But we had to go so we left.

Getting into the car was quite hard because there was three in the back seat and obviously two in the front. I went with my sister in our, Aunty and Uncle’s car followed by my Nan. My other two sisters went with my, Mum, Dad, and another Aunty of mine.
“Remember when we were getting our nails done yesterday, and I said, “When it comes to the wedding day tomorrow we would think back to today and say, “It was just recent we were here.” Didn't I say that Bre.” I exclaimed to my sister. She replied with a sigh and said, “Yes.” It didn’t really matter to me because I was so pumped to be at my brothers wedding. As we pulled into the Vineyard, my heart was pumping so fast, I was losing my breath there for a moment, but I got it back. We jumped out of the car and walked towards the bar.

I asked, “Does anyone want juice or water.” No one replied so I just got myself a juice. My uncle Rob took pictures of the place and one of me and my family. It was heart warming see us together like that. I just.... Couldn’t believe how close we had come.

Anyway, the venue was at this place called a Vineyard and it was absolutely STUNNING! Flowers everywhere, and chandeliers dangling down from the rooftop, plant that looks like a tree, a walkway that looked like the aisle which it wasn’t and people. I just couldn’t believe what the bride and bridesmaid would’ve looked like!

It was 3:30pm which was the time the wedding had started. Which meant we had to go and sit down. The song started to play and my heart was now starting to really and I mean really pump. My other sister Roseanne started it off my taking the lead by walking down the aisle first. Yeah! She was one of the bridesmaid. LUCKY! Followed by the two other bridesmaid and the maid of honour. Could you believe who else was walking down the aisle. My nephew Tyreece my sister Roseanne’s son. Yes, he was walking down the aisle with his grandma, and when we was coming down I just broke down and started to cry. Not in a horrible way but joyful. That part really touched my heart. Tyreece was looking so handsome and cute with his little tie. Lastly Emma. She looked incredible, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous. All of the above. Her dress was pure white, and dangled down towards her feet. Her hair was done nicely into a bun with braids going around and her shoes were extraordinary. Me and my family just hugged and stood there silently and then sat down. My brother and which is now my official sister-in-law exchanged vows, and we just clapped and cheered! That was the day that changed their lives including ours!

We went inside and man!!!! I am telling you. You could not believe what inside looked like. No offence but it looked better than it was outside. It was blooming and the was flowers and the lighting was just spectacular. We ate and everything and said speeches but what I was really waiting for was the first dance.

Mokai and Emma danced to the song ‘Thinking out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran. Me and Breanna were saying, “Oh, they look so cute together.” As my Mum was drinking was her Champagne my brother came in and grabbed my mum to dance. It was funny because she wasn’t expecting it at all, and Emma grabbed her dad.

I enjoyed dancing with my family and seeing my dad next to the speaker really made me realise that it was hard for him, because he deaf so he can’t hear, but seeing that made it look like he was happy. Which I knew he was.

The day/night had to end sometime and that time had come. Sadly everyone started to leave and meaning we had to too, but I was glad that my brother and sister-in-law got married, because it brought my family together again. That was the happiest time with my family and I will never forget it!

Holiday Highlights

  • Brothers Wedding - On Sunday the 18th my brother Mokai and his fiancee Emma got married. As we were driving into the vineyard my heart was pounding. Didn’t know what to think or what to feel except happy for them. It was time! Emma was walking down the aisle and she looked beautiful as ever. THey exchanged vows and they were officially married. I didn’t want the day to end!

  • Going Taupo -  2 days after my brothers wedding we left for Taupo. It was so fun. I hated the long travel because I get car sick. But I we stopped for lunches and little snacks on the way. The reason why we were going Taupo because we were dropping of our nan, plus my older sister was going to stay there anyway. I just went down for the trip. I ended up going for a swim in the lake and it was refreshing. Did you know that the lake in Taupo is the biggest lake in New Zealand. And a plane also crashed in there last year or this year. My uncle Barry own a motel so we stayed there and we didn’t have to pay! I ended up having a great time. But I miss my nan!

Christmas Day - Christmas Day was the best I had yet! We got presents and we went to my sisters Breanna’s house. We had a swim then we talked and chatted about stuff. Our Christmas was a bit ruined but then when I thought about it we were actually helping someone. See my aunty went into hospital and we had to pick her up but we didn't want to leave the pool but we ended up going. Then I felt like we did a good thing cause we helped someone... My Aunty!