Thursday, March 5, 2015

Diary Entry

Day one:

At first I couldn’t believe that the day had come to voyage to Rapanui (Easter Island.) It was unbelievable seeing all the food being packed on board the waka. A lot of things were swirling around in my head like, if we were going to make it or not, or if we were going to have enough food for us to survive. But I knew that we would be fine. Because if our ancestors could sail there surely we could do the same. We were then repeating history.

While tears were pouring out of my eyes, I slowly said goodbye to my family. As the waka sailed out to sea I was thinking if we were going to have some good time or bad times? It didn’t really matter because we were going to have them both. I was also looking forward to seeing how good our surviving skills were.

Day thirty:

It is day thirty and we are halfway to our destination, Rapanui (Easter Island.) We are a couple of hours away from a little break on another island. I am feeling surprised that I handled it to this very moment. I wasn’t expecting that. We still had quite a while to go to get to we we want to but it has been an astonishing journey.

A couple of hours have passed and we are taking a break on a island. As the waka Te Aurere was sailing into shore there were people doing hakas and everything. I was quite glad that we had another pit stop again because I kind of missed land. I am missing my family because I was around peoples families, and it made me homesick.

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