Friday, June 29, 2012

Messy Room 13

It was the last day of term, at Pt England School....... Every class had to move things around for the next. It was tiring but fun. We had to take everything on the walls off. Some of us were ripping things by accident.

I was having to take all the black borders off. It was very hard. Me and Jordan were laughing because we couldn’t take the black bordes off.

Last year we never had to take everything off, but this year it is different. Why your asking? While we are on Holidays, builders are coming in to put new stuff on our walls.

WOW!!!!! Do you know what it feels like to have a messy classroom?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reflection of term 2 2012

What Did I Enjoy?

I enjoyed blending my colours together so they can stand out.

Things I Didn’t Enjoy?

To me I enjoyed everything, because there was no harm done in my Artwork. I actually improved.

What Did I Learn?

This term I learnt a lot about Art, because I never knew you could do so many things in Art.

How Do I Feel About My Term Overall?

I feel happy and proud of my work I’ve done this term.

What Did I Find Most Interesting?

ART!!!! This term we have been learning about Art. You think Art can’t been fun but trust me, it is interesting.

What Could I Have Done Better To Help My Learning?

Listening more so my Artwork would look better than it is now.