Thursday, October 31, 2013


Dad has bought a mob of sheep. One Thousand and Five Hundred of them. Couple of hours later I was asked if I was able to work as a Rousie. So I did and I got a sheep shaved it’s wool off and I did the next sheep. It went on and on and on. Finally we finished all 1500 of them. The truck came to take the wool. I had fun at being a Rousie.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Friends

Practise Narrative + Rubric

As the sun was rising and the birds were chirping two girls named Emma and Janine thought it would be nice to go out for the day. So they both thought and then shouted, “Rainbows End”. They thought it was a good idea. So both girls got ready had breakfast and they hit the road. Emma and Janine arrived at Rainbows End. They could not wait. The girls bought their tickets and went in.

“Lets go on the gold rush”, No lets go on the Invader”, Nooo.... Let’s go on the scary ride”. “What scary ride, I don’t think they have one”. “ Of course they do. Every Theme park does”. “Umm.. Well not this one”. And so on the girls kept fighting on which ride they should go on. “ Lets go onto the roller coaster”, both girls had said to each other at the same time. They both said “Yes” and they went on that ride.

“Next Please”, The conductor shouted. “Yay it’s our turn”, Janine whispered into Emma’s ear. So Emma and Janine jumped into the Roller Coaster and off they went. “Whooo, Yeah this is so Ahhhh”. The girls were having the time of their lives until........ “Ohhh what happened to the ride”. Emma and Janine exclaimed to each other. “Umm... Can everybody stay in their seats and stay calm”, The Conductor shouted. “What has happened”, Janine asked the conductor way down below. “It appears that the Roller Coaster’s stuck and we don’t know how to fix the Roller Coaster so we can get you guys down.”. The Conductor shouted back up to Janine.

“Oh my gosh Emma were stuck up here forever”, “Not forever you silly head they will get someone to come and save us and leave everybody else here”. “Yeah right”. And again both girls fighted but about how they were going to get down. The conductor called for the firefighters, 3 hours later the firefighters wanted to come. They tried to get Emma and Janine off the Roller Coaster because the firefighters thought they needed more help than everybody else because, they looked more scared. But they couldn’t because a Ghost was stopping them.

“What on earth is going on we can’t even get the girls of the Roller Coaster”. One of the Firefighters exclaimed. “Hey I'm Clowney want to know why they call me Clowney it’s because I’m a clown. Pudum Sha. Not in for joke Okay. I can help you. You guys come in a half hour and they will be down”. Half Hour Later. “Ho - Ho - How did you get them down”, One of the firefighters shouted. “It’s a secret”, Clowney said. So Clowney left and left the girls to it. The girls had so much fun except for that part when they got stuck but apart from that they were all good.

The girls went back home made them some lunch and a hot cuppa and then watched T.V. Then Clowney shows up at the window and the girls can’t see him. HAHAHA!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making Pizza

Last week at Extension we were told to go onto our Extension Site  to find out what we were going to do. But first we had to read about Labour day. And answer question's like: When was Labour day first celebrated in New Zealand? And questions like Why do we celebrate Labour Day? So we had to answer all those kinds of questions.

We found why we celebrate Labour Day. We celebrate Labour day because a man named Samuel Parnell won a eight-hour day in Wellington. So we made pizza's representing Labour day.
Here is a picture to what we had made.

As you can see that there is more than one pepperoni on the pizza. There is actually eight pepperoni to represent the eight working hours. We had to partner up with a partner and my partner was Lucy. Here are the ingredients we needed.
We needed.....

We quickly rushed to get the Tomato paste to spread it around the pizza base. We put on all our toppings onto the pizza base. After we had finished topping our pizza we put it in the oven. Five minutes later it was ready. Me and Lucy had a turn cutting the Pizza and we gave some to the teachers and had the rest to ourselves. I had a lot of fun making pizza with Lucy.

Here is a picture of the hot cooked Pizza. 

My Narrative With My Rubric

Once upon a time there lived a farmer, his wife and their 2 children. Their names were, Bob ( Farmer)
Adrienne ( Wife ), Lilly ( Daughter ), Zach ( Son ). They all lived a happy life. The kids went to school just a couple of blocks away and Bob did his job at being a farmer. And the mother was just sleeping all day every day. But one day everything CHANGED!

One morning they did their usual until the kids came home The kids were hungry for some corn so they went into the corn field until they heard a BOOM!!!! They heard this rumbling. They had no idea what it was. So they ran home. The farmer, ( dad ) went outside to have a look. “ AHHHH!!! “The dad screamed. “ Bob, Bob what is it “. Exclaimed the mother. “ Well why don’t you come out and see“. The dad yelled with frighteners. The mother and the kids went out. “ AHHHHHH “. They all yelled. “ What is that thing, is it like some monster off Monsters University”. Lilly exclaimed. But Lilly really didn't care because she was too busy texting her mate Ella. “Of course it is. If it wasn't what kind of monster would it be”. Zach yelled. Lilly exclaimed, “You mean”.......

Bob quickly ran inside and dialled 111. The police got to the farm as soon as possible. “AHHHHH”. The police yelled. “What kind of monster had four eyes and a long tongue”. “Are you sure it is not a monster of monsters university”. Lilly was still saying. “No a monster like that can not be of monsters university you Ning Nong. What kind of daughter do you have”. One of the polices said.

“Hey farmer what’s your name”. The police quickly shouted while they still had the chance. “The names Bob”. Bob told the police. “ Okay BOB! I want you to chuck me that stick okay baldy. I am going to call you baldy from now on”. Exclaimed the Police. “Okay”. Bob said. The police started to hit the monster but the monster used it’s long tongue and took it out of the polices hand. “Come here I'm hungry”. Yelled the Monster. So the monster gobbled one of the police.

Lilly came up with a plan. She had quickly made a trap. The monster was walking towards it anyway so the monster was going to be trapped. "Hey, Hey get me out of here. I am meant to eat you up then spit you back out". The monster was shouting out with weirdness. "Ewww". Everybody exclaimed. "Nah ah. You ate the handsomest police there ever was". Lilly said. "Hey". The police was saying. 

"We are not going to let you out we must eat you for dinner. Oh and I hope you taste tasty. I would have seconds". Lilly was telling the monster. " Come on let's kill the fellah then cook him". The father was telling everybody. So they killed the monster and cooked him for dinner.

They weren't hungry anymore and they all lived happily ever after. Until the next attacked happened.

My Holidays

In the Holiday me and my sisters went to my uncles 50th Birthday. We went to his birthday because we were doing Kapa Haka for him. The birthday was held at the Papakura hall. It was so fun. The first thing we did was a Haka Powhiri, then we sang the song whakarongo. After that we had some food, then we did the rest of the haka’s and Waiata’s. My favourite Haka we did was Paikea.

We did the Haka one and the Waiata one. I had fun representing my culture at my uncles birthday. It was so tiring but we had to do it. I had a lot of fun on that day, and I wish I could go back. y

Friday, October 18, 2013

Organic Orchard

When we first started planting our Organic Orchard we were having no trouble. But 3 months later I could see what the spray was doing to my fruit. It was drawing the insects to my organic fruit and damaging it. I could not believe what I was seeing.
But then since I had stopped spraying the it has drawn the Green Beetle to come and damage my fruit.

Later on me and my sister was thinking of selling our Organic fruit before the Green beetle was damaging the fruit. Now we can not sell our fruit because, our fruit was getting marked by insects and the Green Beetle. So we could not sell our fruit at all.

We still had not sprayed the Orchard, and the Green Beetle had almost disappeared. Did you know that a Praying Mantis egg can hatch into a hundred and fifty Praying Mantises. That is
a lot.

In my Orchard I have had Australian Paper wasps nest growing in some of my plants. They actually do not sting unless you touch then of course they are going to think you are going to harm them. When the Australian Paper wasps hatch they look for Monarch butterflies eggs and eat them. I hate watching them eat the Monarch Butterflies eggs.

I have a Macadamia Tree and it is different to other tree’s. Why you ask? Well it has the rats favourite nuts on this tree and so I like to have One or Two, so the rats leave our Orchard Tree’s to us.

I actually like not spraying my Organic Orchard because I am not putting any poisonous chemicals in my fruit.

If you would like to make an Organic Orchard you can. You just have to believe and make it come true.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Free Blog Writing

Yesterday me and my best friend Marama went to the G.I ( Glenn Innes ) pools after school. When school had finished we walked home together and I went one way and she went the other way towards her home. When I got home I asked my mum and she answered, " Yes". I was so happy.

So I put my swimming togs in to my bag and my towel, and my soap and shampoo. I arrived at Marama house and then we left. When we got to the swimming pools we quickly got changed and jumped into the big cold pool. After that we jumped out and hoped into the warm pool it was so warm I was getting hot. So I jumped out and jumped back into the cold pool and it was freezing because, you were in a warm pool then you go into a cold one that makes freezing. The when we got over ourselves

Marama asked the Life Guard if she could dive in he said " Yes". So Marama jumped out and went to dive in. I went to go and have a go. I got out of the water and dived in. It was so much fun. It was getting late so me and Marama jumped out and had our shower the walked back home. She went her way and I went mine.

I had so much fun I would love to do it again.

Matching Pictures

Today me and my group Keas, had to match up some farm pictures. As you can see the milk picture is matched with a milk factory. So what we had to do is find one picture and find another and see if it matches.

Our group worked as a team and we finished the activity. We found 4 pictures that didn't match but really we did not look properly and we found the match. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post about our activity. See more on my blog.