Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Narrative With My Rubric

Once upon a time there lived a farmer, his wife and their 2 children. Their names were, Bob ( Farmer)
Adrienne ( Wife ), Lilly ( Daughter ), Zach ( Son ). They all lived a happy life. The kids went to school just a couple of blocks away and Bob did his job at being a farmer. And the mother was just sleeping all day every day. But one day everything CHANGED!

One morning they did their usual until the kids came home The kids were hungry for some corn so they went into the corn field until they heard a BOOM!!!! They heard this rumbling. They had no idea what it was. So they ran home. The farmer, ( dad ) went outside to have a look. “ AHHHH!!! “The dad screamed. “ Bob, Bob what is it “. Exclaimed the mother. “ Well why don’t you come out and see“. The dad yelled with frighteners. The mother and the kids went out. “ AHHHHHH “. They all yelled. “ What is that thing, is it like some monster off Monsters University”. Lilly exclaimed. But Lilly really didn't care because she was too busy texting her mate Ella. “Of course it is. If it wasn't what kind of monster would it be”. Zach yelled. Lilly exclaimed, “You mean”.......

Bob quickly ran inside and dialled 111. The police got to the farm as soon as possible. “AHHHHH”. The police yelled. “What kind of monster had four eyes and a long tongue”. “Are you sure it is not a monster of monsters university”. Lilly was still saying. “No a monster like that can not be of monsters university you Ning Nong. What kind of daughter do you have”. One of the polices said.

“Hey farmer what’s your name”. The police quickly shouted while they still had the chance. “The names Bob”. Bob told the police. “ Okay BOB! I want you to chuck me that stick okay baldy. I am going to call you baldy from now on”. Exclaimed the Police. “Okay”. Bob said. The police started to hit the monster but the monster used it’s long tongue and took it out of the polices hand. “Come here I'm hungry”. Yelled the Monster. So the monster gobbled one of the police.

Lilly came up with a plan. She had quickly made a trap. The monster was walking towards it anyway so the monster was going to be trapped. "Hey, Hey get me out of here. I am meant to eat you up then spit you back out". The monster was shouting out with weirdness. "Ewww". Everybody exclaimed. "Nah ah. You ate the handsomest police there ever was". Lilly said. "Hey". The police was saying. 

"We are not going to let you out we must eat you for dinner. Oh and I hope you taste tasty. I would have seconds". Lilly was telling the monster. " Come on let's kill the fellah then cook him". The father was telling everybody. So they killed the monster and cooked him for dinner.

They weren't hungry anymore and they all lived happily ever after. Until the next attacked happened.

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