Monday, September 1, 2014

Storyline Festival

On Thursday we went to the Storyline Festival in Manukau. It was an amazing experience and a really good time. We heard authors read their books, we made poems and we looked at some of their history.

The two authors that I enjoyed the most was Paula Green and Cath Mayo. They were really interesting Authors and they had really interesting books and poems. The reason why I liked Paula Green is because, we made a poem together. Not just Pt England School but different schools as well. Paula Green taught us about short poems and long poems. But the poems that she likes the best are short Poems.

The reason why I liked Cath Mayo is because she has really interesting books. And I like the way she got the idea to make that book. She went over in Greece. And while she was in Greece she discovered there was a cave. So she went to go and check it out. Cath Mayo saw a little hole and asked the others that were with her what is that. They replied, "That's where that Bats are. If you go in there you will get rabies." So she went to go and three injections in her Gluteus Maximus. And that is why I loved her!

Plus we asked them questions after they finished talking to us!

If I presented at this festival I would of either written a little riddle or just a little song to make it more effective. And did a dance to make it funnier.

Overall I really liked the festival. And it was a really good time. Hopefully I get the chance to go next year because I had an incredible time.
I would also like to thank the author for giving up their personal time to be at the storyline festival and talking to us about their books. Thank you authors!!!
Juliette MclverCath MayoJill MacGregorPaula Green