Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Voice Kids

There is a programme on T.V 2 called the Voice. It is on 7.30 at nights at is a breath taking away event. There was an adult version of this show not so long ago, and now it is a kids version. It has just started Friday night last week but is still a fun and programme to watch.

There has been all kinds of ages like.. 9, 6, 7, and many more. The show is about kids who sing their hearts out and they have four judges there to turn around. If all four turn around then the kid has to choose only one. And if one judge only turns around then they either go with the judge or leave.

The judges are.. Mel B, Delta Goodrem, The Madden Brothers, and Ricky Martin. They are the best judges the kids could ever have. The last judges for the adult version were, Joel Madden, Ricky Martin,, and Kylie Minouge. The winner for that season was Anja Nissen. She was the best.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

About John Heffernan

John Heffernan lives with his wife, eight dogs, three cats and numerous horses on a sheep and cattle property in northern New South Wales. John first trained as a teacher then this experience had been invaluable in his writing and his relationship with his young readers. John talks about living on land and writing. 

 John Heffernan lives on a sheep and cattle property of south Walcha. John's books represents his love and how he feels. Heffernan's first book, Spud, was about his own blue heeler and is told from her perspective. John Heffernan wrote a book that is named Harry's War and I love the book. (The Blurb) His grandfather talks about his war adventures all the time. And Harry loves listening. His father was a soldier too, in a different war. But Harry never knew his dad, and his mother won't talk about him In finding out why, Harry discovers a deeper truth, one that will change his life forever.)

John Heffernan has gotten awards for writing these books. 

  • Wilderness Society for Environment Award For Children's Literature: Short-listed for Rachael's Forest (1998)

  • Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children's Literature: Short-listed for Rachael's Forest (1999

    These are the books that I have read that is written by John Heffernan.

    • Pup (2002)

    • Where There's Smoke (2010)

    • Harry's War (2011)


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Commonwealth Games

This year would be the 20th edition of the Commonwealth Games. It first started in 1930 and has been going on every 4 years. It first took place in Hamilton, Canada. There were no games in 1942 to 1946 due to the aftermath of WW2. Before it was called the ‘Commonwealth Games’ it was originally called ‘The British Empire Games’  

Scotland has previously hosted the event twice, in 1970 and 1986. Did you know that Australia leads the way with 803 medals. Scotland won 9 Gold Medal in New Delhi in 2010. There were two countries for all Commonwealth games except in 1994 when they finished 3rd and it was Canada. There are ten core sports in the Commonwealth Games and they are, Badminton, Netball, Rugby 7’s, Athletics, Boxing, Hockey, Lawn Bowls, Squash, Swimming, Weight Lifting.

Also the Commonwealth Games first started with a priest who wanted all of the nations from Europe to compete in a friendly matter. That’s why the meaning of it mean the ‘Friendly Games’.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

William.W Robert.TB Robert.B

1. What was the first Team Sport played at the Commonwealth Games?
Answer: Athletics, Aquatics, Boxing, Lawn Bowls, Wrestling, Rowing

2. What is the Commonwealth Games Moto?
Answer: Humanity, Equality, Destiny

3. Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland?
Answer: Saint Andrew

4. Who are the famous Scots?
Robert the Bruce
Roberts Burns
William Wallace

Robert was well known as Robert the Bruce. Robert was one of the most famous warriors of his generation. Eventually he was leading Scotland during wars of Scottish Independence against England. He regained Scotland's place as an independent nation. Also to this very day is known as a national hero.

Robert Burns was a widely known as the national poet of Scotland and is celebrated worldwide. He is the best known of the poets who have written in the Scots language. He also wrote in standard English, and in these writings his commentary is often at its bluntest.

Sir William Wallace was a Scottish landowner who became one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence. William Wallace has three statues. And one of them are in Edinburgh, as well as the other one. And the last statue is in a stained glss window.

The Commonwealth Games

1. In what year were the commonwealth games first held?
A: 1930

2. What does “CGF” stand for?
A: Commonwealth Games Federations

3. True or False?
A: False

4. What were the Commonwealth Games first called?
A: The British Empire Games

5. What is the minimum number of core sports the host city must choose?
A: 10

6. How many para-sports events will there be in Glasgow?
A: 22

7. In what years were the Commonwealth game not held?
A: 1942 and 1946

8. What are the Commonwealth Games known as?
A: The Friendly games

9. How many medals events will there be in Glasgow?
A: 261

10. The Commonwealth Games are similar to what other international, multi-sport event?
A: The Olympics

Monday, July 21, 2014

Immersion Assembly - Term 3

Again Pt England school has had another exciting morning. Every start of the term we have a thing called Immersion Assembly. It's like a opening ceremony for Pt England school to start their term off with learning and fun. This terms topic is "Game On". We are learning about the commonwealth games and what it really means. Not only that we are looking at fitness and different type sports. 

Team ones movie was representing the countries. For example..... 1 teacher would be wearing something or holding something that represents that country, and we started to figure what country it was. And that country would be in the commonwealth games. Plus there are 71 countries in the commonwealth games.

My favourite team would had to be team 4 because it was funny. If you are going to be in the commonwealth games you have to eat proper food right. Well there movie was a mash potato sculpture. And Canada was disqualified because he was not playing by the rules. So they went on. Finally they started to do their sculpture with potato and Fiji was disqualified because she took some potato from Scotland. 

The start of this term was fun and the movies. Oh and Welcome to Pt England School Miss Ashe and Welcome Back Mrs McKinley!!!! We hope you enjoy your time at Pt England.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Sister Doing the Ice Challenge

When my sister came over to stay with us she thought she would do her ice challenge. What is it you ask? Well the "Cougar Boys" are fundraising for people who have cancer. And so they thought do the Ice Challenge and give money towards the cancer society. It is just meant to be just ice that is turned to water. But my sister had cold water and Ice.

When my big sister poured the water and Ice on her it was so funny. She first just stood there and then second she's jumping around freezing. Then the second bucket was about to tip on her. She's like, "No, no!!!!" Laughing her head off as well. When she finished she finally calmed down a bit. But it was ultra funny.

I can not imagine me doing that but I would give it a try if I had to.