Monday, July 21, 2014

Immersion Assembly - Term 3

Again Pt England school has had another exciting morning. Every start of the term we have a thing called Immersion Assembly. It's like a opening ceremony for Pt England school to start their term off with learning and fun. This terms topic is "Game On". We are learning about the commonwealth games and what it really means. Not only that we are looking at fitness and different type sports. 

Team ones movie was representing the countries. For example..... 1 teacher would be wearing something or holding something that represents that country, and we started to figure what country it was. And that country would be in the commonwealth games. Plus there are 71 countries in the commonwealth games.

My favourite team would had to be team 4 because it was funny. If you are going to be in the commonwealth games you have to eat proper food right. Well there movie was a mash potato sculpture. And Canada was disqualified because he was not playing by the rules. So they went on. Finally they started to do their sculpture with potato and Fiji was disqualified because she took some potato from Scotland. 

The start of this term was fun and the movies. Oh and Welcome to Pt England School Miss Ashe and Welcome Back Mrs McKinley!!!! We hope you enjoy your time at Pt England.

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