Sunday, July 27, 2014

About John Heffernan

John Heffernan lives with his wife, eight dogs, three cats and numerous horses on a sheep and cattle property in northern New South Wales. John first trained as a teacher then this experience had been invaluable in his writing and his relationship with his young readers. John talks about living on land and writing. 

 John Heffernan lives on a sheep and cattle property of south Walcha. John's books represents his love and how he feels. Heffernan's first book, Spud, was about his own blue heeler and is told from her perspective. John Heffernan wrote a book that is named Harry's War and I love the book. (The Blurb) His grandfather talks about his war adventures all the time. And Harry loves listening. His father was a soldier too, in a different war. But Harry never knew his dad, and his mother won't talk about him In finding out why, Harry discovers a deeper truth, one that will change his life forever.)

John Heffernan has gotten awards for writing these books. 

  • Wilderness Society for Environment Award For Children's Literature: Short-listed for Rachael's Forest (1998)

  • Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children's Literature: Short-listed for Rachael's Forest (1999

    These are the books that I have read that is written by John Heffernan.

    • Pup (2002)

    • Where There's Smoke (2010)

    • Harry's War (2011)


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