Thursday, November 28, 2013

Changes in year 7

Wearing a Jacket
Looking cool
I want to be a netball player
Be a rugby player
Be the best I can be in year 7

Monday, November 11, 2013

Maths Whizz

OMG!! (OH MY GOSH)!!! Not being able to go on Maths Whizz last week was such a bummer. I was able to go on from Monday to Tuesday but then I did a bit to much so a little note popped up saying, "That's enough for today. More Lessons on Monday." I was so annoyed. Maths Whizz is like the best maths site out of all maths sites you could ever think of.

Going on Maths Whizz is so fun. Me and my Friend, Marama loves going on Maths Whizz. Sometimes she would beat me in one challenge so it would send to me and then I would have to try and beat her time and score. If I beat her time but I got 90%.. That doesn't count. I would have to beat her time and get 100%.

I love going on Maths Whizz. YAY!! I get to go on today. Cross your fingers and hope I don't do more than enough today. Nah.. Just kidding. Hope you enjoy my blog post!!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

DLO 2nd

Here is my DLO about figuring out how I got my answers. I hope you enjoy my Presentation. Down below I also have done a piece of paper one. I hope you enjoy my Presentation. :)

DLO Presentation

A Bowl of Rice

Duy lives in Vietnam. (Duy is pronounce as Zew.) Duy and his family plants rice. In Vietnam rice is like the only food they can eat. Some people in Vietnam can't live life, because they either don't have enough food for their family or they just don't have any money. Duy helps his mum plant the rice and the his dad waters the ground. The next day was harvesting day. Duy and his sister didn't have any school so they decided to help. (Actually they had no choice but to.) So they had finished everything and then they started eating the rice. "I Love Rice," says Duy.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Watching Fireworks

During the weekends me and my sister, my other little sister and my dad all went out to watch the Fireworks. Our neighbours were lighting them and we were watching them. Our neighbour got burnt only once and they had a bucket of water besides them just in case there would be a fire.

Did you know that fireworks can be really dangerous. They might just be fireworks that pop in the sky but they can catch on fire on your clothing. So be careful. Tomorrow night is the actual date to light your fireworks. But you can light them when ever you what. 

Hope you enjoyed my story about watching the fireworks.
Please leave some feedback!! :)

Monday, November 4, 2013


This is my figuring out.
What I did for the first question is Number line as you can see. I did:
267 + 33 to get to 200. And then I added 300 to get to 500. And last I added 23 to 500. Which makes 523. The question was 267 + _____ = 523.

For the second question I did: 4.77 +0.23 = 5.00
And then I added 2.0 to the 5.00 which = 7.00
Then lastly I added 0.04, to get to 7.4.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the photo and looking at my strategies. Please leave some feedback.

Writing Test

While waching the sun set I heard a whisper. 'What was that,' I wondered. "Maybe it's just my imagination." I had a feeling it was. "SHHT," there it is again, "SHHHT." I was feeling a little creeped out. By now I knew it wasn't my imagination. "SHHHT," "AHHHHHH," I screamed. "What is that horrible hissing," I couldn't stand it anymore so I ran inside, ran up the stairs and into my wardrobe. It went all quiet. So I opened the closet door and went to bed.

"COOKADODOOOOO." The rooster shouted. "Oh, It's morning already," I whispered to myself. I went out to feed the chooks, and then I milked the cows, shaved the wool of the sheep and by then I had finished off all my jobs. "Heya Sohie," "Oh hi Jack, How are you today," "I'm fine, You?", I have been so good, you know yesterday I thought I heard a whisper while I was watching the sunset. I mean there is no one else that lives here but me. So I reckon it was just my imagination." "Maybe it was. Umm.. Hey I just dropped by wondering if you wanted to do lunch???" "Umm.. I'm sorry Jack I can't I have to finish up here at the farm, then I think I might go for a lie down." "Oh that's okay, I will just go and ask Victoria." "Okay see ya," "Bye."

I thought it was a bad idea letting Jack go with Victoria because she's such a bad friend, she doesn't treat him respectfully. I should of went with him but I couldn't cause I had the farm to do. So I went back and I was wondering what else I could do and then I knew I had to round up all the sheep. So that's what I did.

"LA LA LA LA LA LA, Sing a happy song, LA LA LA LA LA LA, Sing all day long." "SHHHT." "What is that whisper???" I wondered. "Hang on that is the same whisper I heard yesterday. So it wasn't my imagination. Ha, I knew it." Eventually I was talking to myself. "SHHHT," "There it is again." I couldn't help it, I was terrified, so I had called the police but they thought I was Cookoo, so I called the animal control and they thought the same as well. So I just gave up. While I was terrified I was still wondering, What that whisper was? Why it was whispering to me? And, Who was whispering? I didn't care anymore, that thing could off been terifying me, but it was bringing me down from doing my jobs. So I went to investigate, though I was really scared.

"SHHT," "Who are you or should I say what are you? Come on. You know you can show yourself and then everything will be just fine and I won't be so terrified so much." I was so scared my legs were shaking, and I was just so afraid what was going to happen to me if I said anything else. So I said no more. "SHHHT, I'm going to get you." "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! What aye, what happened? One miniute I was outside and now I'm in bed." So I thought to myself all along it was just a dream. So I was not actually talking to Jack, actually I don't even know a Jack or a Victoria. That was just a long terrifying unknown dream. HA.. HAHAHHA, that was just a dream.

So Sophie was okay from that day forward, and she and her farm animals lived happily ever after. Of did they?????? "SHHHT....... I'm going to get you. HAHAHA."

Friday, November 1, 2013

Show Not Tell In A Paragraph

WALT: Show not tell when writing a paragraph.

While watching the sunset I thought to myself, 'We should go Trick or Treating now'. My friends agreed with me. Off we went. Light shoes lifted of the ground while walking towards a house. I saw a boy with a, Pointy hat, A black dress, Some black shoes, A pointy nose, And a brownish broom stick. I had soon recognised it was a Witch.