Monday, November 4, 2013

Writing Test

While waching the sun set I heard a whisper. 'What was that,' I wondered. "Maybe it's just my imagination." I had a feeling it was. "SHHT," there it is again, "SHHHT." I was feeling a little creeped out. By now I knew it wasn't my imagination. "SHHHT," "AHHHHHH," I screamed. "What is that horrible hissing," I couldn't stand it anymore so I ran inside, ran up the stairs and into my wardrobe. It went all quiet. So I opened the closet door and went to bed.

"COOKADODOOOOO." The rooster shouted. "Oh, It's morning already," I whispered to myself. I went out to feed the chooks, and then I milked the cows, shaved the wool of the sheep and by then I had finished off all my jobs. "Heya Sohie," "Oh hi Jack, How are you today," "I'm fine, You?", I have been so good, you know yesterday I thought I heard a whisper while I was watching the sunset. I mean there is no one else that lives here but me. So I reckon it was just my imagination." "Maybe it was. Umm.. Hey I just dropped by wondering if you wanted to do lunch???" "Umm.. I'm sorry Jack I can't I have to finish up here at the farm, then I think I might go for a lie down." "Oh that's okay, I will just go and ask Victoria." "Okay see ya," "Bye."

I thought it was a bad idea letting Jack go with Victoria because she's such a bad friend, she doesn't treat him respectfully. I should of went with him but I couldn't cause I had the farm to do. So I went back and I was wondering what else I could do and then I knew I had to round up all the sheep. So that's what I did.

"LA LA LA LA LA LA, Sing a happy song, LA LA LA LA LA LA, Sing all day long." "SHHHT." "What is that whisper???" I wondered. "Hang on that is the same whisper I heard yesterday. So it wasn't my imagination. Ha, I knew it." Eventually I was talking to myself. "SHHHT," "There it is again." I couldn't help it, I was terrified, so I had called the police but they thought I was Cookoo, so I called the animal control and they thought the same as well. So I just gave up. While I was terrified I was still wondering, What that whisper was? Why it was whispering to me? And, Who was whispering? I didn't care anymore, that thing could off been terifying me, but it was bringing me down from doing my jobs. So I went to investigate, though I was really scared.

"SHHT," "Who are you or should I say what are you? Come on. You know you can show yourself and then everything will be just fine and I won't be so terrified so much." I was so scared my legs were shaking, and I was just so afraid what was going to happen to me if I said anything else. So I said no more. "SHHHT, I'm going to get you." "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! What aye, what happened? One miniute I was outside and now I'm in bed." So I thought to myself all along it was just a dream. So I was not actually talking to Jack, actually I don't even know a Jack or a Victoria. That was just a long terrifying unknown dream. HA.. HAHAHHA, that was just a dream.

So Sophie was okay from that day forward, and she and her farm animals lived happily ever after. Of did they?????? "SHHHT....... I'm going to get you. HAHAHA."

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