Monday, November 11, 2013

Maths Whizz

OMG!! (OH MY GOSH)!!! Not being able to go on Maths Whizz last week was such a bummer. I was able to go on from Monday to Tuesday but then I did a bit to much so a little note popped up saying, "That's enough for today. More Lessons on Monday." I was so annoyed. Maths Whizz is like the best maths site out of all maths sites you could ever think of.

Going on Maths Whizz is so fun. Me and my Friend, Marama loves going on Maths Whizz. Sometimes she would beat me in one challenge so it would send to me and then I would have to try and beat her time and score. If I beat her time but I got 90%.. That doesn't count. I would have to beat her time and get 100%.

I love going on Maths Whizz. YAY!! I get to go on today. Cross your fingers and hope I don't do more than enough today. Nah.. Just kidding. Hope you enjoy my blog post!!!!


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  2. Hey Mary,
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