Monday, March 21, 2011

Year 5's Camp

Today we went out side to look around the tents.

First we looked at the cooking serving tents, I thought that it looked yummy in the cooking tent, and when they had breakfast I felt like having their breakfast because they had coco pops, rice bubbles, and weet bix.

Then we looked at the marquee, and the marquee is like a out side hall cause when its raining they eat in the marquee and when its not raining the eat out side.

Then we looked at the tents, and the had names on them, because if they get lost they can just look at the names on the tents.

Then we looked at the camp fire, and while we were there Whaea Raewyn told us what they were making. They were making damper, and damper is made out of bread, and to make damper sweet you can use golden syrup and you can use saltana's. Whaea Raewyn used saltanas because if you use golden syrep your hands will get sticky and you don't want sticky hands no.

Next Year I am looking forward because what the year 5 and 6 done thats what we are going to be doing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami During the weekends Japan had a massive earthquake it was so massive it caused a tsunami. The tsunami was so massive it washed the whole Japan and it even washed out the airport and the airiplain that tsunami was so strong. The
Add Image people only had 45 minites to get on the hill. 4 people went to the beach and wanted to see what the tsunami looked like. They thought that it was going to be small but it wasn’t it was massive it killed the silly people that went to the beach. They knew that the tsunami was coming because it said on the news, but what they go and do they go to the beach and then the next minite the tsunami comes and they get killed. When the tsunami was flodding down Japan there were these gas bottles and then it caused a fire and the fire was absoulutly big. When the tsunami was getting ready to flood Japan the people were warning the people in Japan straight a way. It was a double disaster because there was a earthquake that’s the first disaster and there was a tsunami that’s the second disaster, that would of been frightining for the people in Japan. This man he was a surviver and he heard that the tsunami was coming and then he went up to the hills but the tsunami never came and then he thought that there was a mistake so the surviver went back to his home and pick up some of his belongings and then when he turned around the surviver got knoked out and when he woken up he was floting on top of his roof. So the surviver was lucky because he survied. He was there for about two, or three days. They said that the Japan earthquake was the best record, because the earthquake caused a tsunami thats why.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Capture the Flag

Diving for the trophy, team 4 scurried like little rats, all over the field. Teams tried hard to distract each other. As we dashed over the line, our hands waved in triumph.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We made this movie because we are learning how to take charge and how know how to work as a team. We are trying to take charge of our things. Mr Max Jacobsen wrote this song because our theme taking charge of our things and our learning.