Monday, March 23, 2015


Have you been to Polyfest throughout the 40 years its been invented? Well Pt England’s intermediate students did, and it was enjoyable. Thursday March 18th 2015, we went to Manukau’s Sports Bowl where the event was held. You wouldn’t believe how many public people were there... Over 150 maybe or less.

At around about   8.45 - 9.00 we were ready to board the bus. “Nikki, come here, sit down.” I slightly shouted across the bus to my friend Nikki. She didn’t hesitate and came and sat down next to me, Rave, and Lesieli. We all enjoyed our time on the bus and played multiple games for instance, Chinese Whisper, In my lunch box and that’s about it.

The bus came to a set of lights and sooner that later it turned green and just on the side of the bus, was where Polyfest was. We pulled up outside a large space of grass that was for Pt England Intermediate students. Making our way out of the bus we were chitty and chatty so much that we had to sit down for the teachers to tell us what to do.

10 minutes later we were still waiting, I wondered what the problem was. Approximately 30 minutes later we were now late. Mrs Tele’a rings one of the teachers and was already in the gates sitting down. Could you blame us if we moaned? I would, but there was also no reason to. It was just a all misunderstanding.

Some people introduced themselves and then a special guest enters. There were camera’s surrounding the guest but finally Mr. John Key shows himself. He said a few words and then made his way into the big A.S.B shelter. After that we got into our class groups then on we went.

It was a great experience, especially if it was your first time! Polyfest is a great way to celebrate your culture... Plus they have delicious food at Polyfest!

My enjoyable bit of the day was watching the Maori stage and the bus ride!

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  1. Hello Mary,
    I am so glad that you had a great day at the Polyfest I had fun too! I liked the Maori stage too. And the bus ride was fun with all us friends playing. Well Mary keep up the good work!
    From Nikki :)