Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Video Conference with Schools from Hawaii

Today is the 11th of March and this morning was quite new to us. We have never done this before in extension and it was different but a good kind of different. We did a video conference with two schools in Hawaii. How cool is that? That is pretty awesome.

At first we introduced each other and then we showed them a presentation about Pt England School and a little bit about Auckland. For instance we showed them what kind of native birds we have here in New Zealand and special places like the whole in the rock and Rotorua's Hot pools and many more. After we finished introducing our school, it was their turn. They made a movie which surprised but not that much. Their movie was really impressive and showed a lot of their school.

The two schools that we conferenced with was, Kea'au Elementary school and Nanakulli. Both schools and their teachers had a funny sense of humour. One of the teachers was full of questions and luckily we knew what answers to give them.

Did you know that their school holds at least 870 students. So most of them are mostly Hawaiian and the rest are different cultures. And we hold around about 640 students. That's like.... 230 more than what we have here at Pt England.
We didn't have much questions but we did ask them a certain question which was, "What is the Tsunami Museum all about." And their answer was, "It was all about the big Tsunamis that hit a certain village during the past years and that is the place where you can find out more."

Did you know that the Hokule'a waka is coming to the shores of Pt England Beach on the 24th of March. The are here while on their journey, The Malama Honua journey and decided to stop by. That was half the reason why we were having a video conference with the 2 schools and Marybeth from Hawaii. We are really lucky here at Pt England School getting to Video Conference with schools in Hawaii and having a waka sail from Hawaii come and visit.
The most interesting thing that I found out about over in Hawaii was that students had to move houses du to the volcanic eruption in Hawaii. Ashes were in the backyard and sometimes it was unable to et into the house! That was the most interesting thing that I found out.

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