Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Freezing Morning

When I woke up early this morning it felt like I was outside covered in snow. I went for a hot shower and when I hopped out it was still cold. I couldn't believe it was that cold, but then I knew it was winter. Since I've been born and I been in winters.... It wasn't this bad. But know it is really really cold. We turned on the heater and the oven, and it only warmed out sitting room and the kitchen. Except....... The hallway. That was the frozen part of the house. 

When I put my shoes on my I still couldn't feel my feet, or my hands. I had a warm breakfast and a hot Milo. By the time it was 8 o'clock I jumped into my car ready to get dropped off to school. The car windows were iced. Literally ice. Inside the car was freezing. (Of Course.) Even the heater in the car was on and obviously it was cold!!!

When I got to school I quickly cam inside because I knew that it was WARM!!!!
I never want another morning like that. (But I know that it might be happening for some time.)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sound Explantion

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without sound? Well it would be very silent. And nobody would be able to listen to the awesome music that singers create. It would be BORING!! If we didn't have sound how could we communicate? Or do our work? We have sound so we can make our own instruments, songs, or even talk to each other. It would be very difficult.

How does sound be recognised? 
Well when you make sound it vibrates and the air molecule ricochet's off, then makes it way into your ear drum. It goes into your ear towards you ear drum and into your brain. Finally your brain notices that it's sound. 

How is sound different?
Well if the pitch is high, sound waves vibrates really fast. But if the pitch if low, the sound waves vibrates slowly. It also depends on the amplitude. How high loud sound is. By Dad can't hear sound, but he can feel it. He knows what the world would be without sound. But he doesn't know what it would be like with sound. But he finds it okay. 

Friday, May 23, 2014


It is a Friday night 23rd of May, 2014 and we are starving ourselves at the 20 Hour famine sleepover here at P.E.S. The cause of this is because over in Malawi there are kids and families that have no food, no clean water, or medicines to help them for their sickness. They are starving and suffering from sever poverty. Over in Malawi you can get really sick or even die just by getting bitten by a mosquitoes. Well if you're in New Zealand and you get bitten by a mosquito you can just scratch it then deal with it later, but not in Malawi.

We are also celebrating the 40th year of the 40hr famine. Here at Pt England School, we have been doing the 20 hr / 40 hr famine since 1992. So that is a long time.

Just before we had 2 ambassadors come in and 1 becoming one. And they told us about what it's like in Malawi and where they slept, and what the Malawi families had to eat... And that is called Nsima. Here in NZ we call it play dough. So what they are eating is play dough. Just listening to Cici and Latisha telling those stories about those kids, it was really heartbreaking. Imagine that you and your family going through what they are. That would be so tough.

Malawi is in the south Africa. In Malawi their are little villages/communities inside the actual Malawi. Since the start of this term or a bit longer we have been researching about Malawi. The 7 & 8 extension group have been comparing. For example... The time we get up will be 7:00am but over in Malawi they would have to get up around about, 4:00am in the morning because they have chores and thy have to do a 2 - 3 hour walk to school. No breakfast or lunch of dinner before, during and after school to eat. They only get one meal a day, and that one meal would have to feed 6 people.

The famine committee also the other that have joined the famine have to raise at least over $1,000.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Milford Sound

In Milford Sound it is always raining. But if your lucky enough you would be able to go on tour on a sunny day. Why is it always raining you ask? Well in Milford Sound there are big Mountain that are above the clouds. And when it rain it performs big waterfalls. And the look really awesome. It is good that it rains because you get to see Waterfalls, but then it's also good that it doesn't rain cause you can get to tour around Milford Sound.

I went to Milford Sound during my holidays at it was fabulous. I got to go through the mountain. Literally through the mountain. They made a tunnel through the mountain which is really dark but very
cool at the same time.

Milford sound is a very natural place. If you have the time you could go down there it is very very cool.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cup Experiment

How do different medium affect sound?
I predict that the different material we use will affect the way it sounds, because it might be thicker than the other.
Equipment/Materials: At least 2 Cups, String, Nylon, Thick wool, Thin wool, Ribbon, Toothpick, Ruler/Tape,
1.) Get 2 cups put a hole through the bottom in the middle.
2.) Measure your medium (String/Nylon etc) so they are the same length. Attach the Medium to the cup with the toothpick.
3.) Test - Make sure each test the string/medium is taut.
4.) Rate the sound and record. (Quality/How loud)
My experiment on my first cup with the Wool was alright. Enough to hear and do a conversation with others. The quality would be... Loud!

My experiment with my second cup with the wire was below okay. Because I couldn't quite hear the other person that was talking to me. Plus it echoed a lot. The quality would be... Below Average.
My Hypothesis was right. The different material we used did affect the sound.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Animation About Sound

Mary's Sound Project from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is my animation about sound. Why is it about sound you ask? Well for the intermediate block, our topic is SOUND. So that answers your question. Plus there is more to sound than you think.
Sound can - If you want to find out more... You are just going to have to watch the animation. Hope you enjoy!!!


Have you ever been in a world where there is no sound at all. Well my dad is because he is deaf, but he finds it okay. He has never heard what sound is or how sound is made. But he can feel it. If sound never existed in life it would be absolute BORING! But my dad is used to it. He doesn't use echolocation, but he can feel the sound.

What is Echolocation??? Well echolocation is a high frequency that only animals such as, Dolphins, Whales, Shrews, and some birds can hear. These particular animals uses echolocation to find it’s prey and to navigate. The animals send out sound waves... And when it hits it’s prey, the sound wave bounces back to the animal. In other words, Ricochet.

Did you know that there is this boy named Ben? You might not believe this story at first, but trust me you will believe by the time you finish it. There is named Ben who is blind. He has been blind since he was 3. He uses echolocation to get around. When Ben and his family moved it took Ben a little time getting used to. But he ended up finding his way. Ben had cancer. So he had to have his eyes surgically moved. Since he’s had his eyes moved he can do amazing things. Like when he was in the car with his mum he drove past this big building, because he is blind he couldn't see it. But he said to his mum, “Mum........ Can you see that big building over there.” And that was just an amazing moment. But it is very very sad. Because a couple of years later his cancer had come back. The he had died.

But it was good that Ben could use echolocation like the animals. I'm not saying that he is an animal, but that he can do incredible stuff to do with echolocation.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Masterchef New Zealand Winners

Have you ever heard of the T.V show Masterchef New Zealand. Well I have and they have just announced the winner last week. They are these two great Maori girls who can really cook and they are really pretty. Their names are Kasey and Karena Bird. They are really extraordinary cooks. Well they are the ones who won Masterchef New Zealand.

Kasey and Karena has been close since they were really little. Normally when you grow older you go your separate ways. Well these girls haven't. They have been together for a very very long time. On Masterchef New Zealand they worked really hard to get into the finals. Kasey and Karena were very lucky, because they were in the bottom 2. But they got there in the end. 

Kasey and Karena are very good cooks who are very pretty.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2nd part of my holiday

Oh where were we???? Oh yes..... Rygdes hotel. It was so fancy. There restraunt was extraordinary. There food was delicious, and there bar was so full of drinks me and my sister had an mocktail. It was for kids of course but it had a tropical flavour, which made it even better.

When we finished our burger we went back to our room. We watched a bit of T.V the  went to sleep. There beds just topped it off. When the birds chirped and the lae shimmered I woke up feeling so happy, because of what we had in store for the day. We were going to do....... Uh that'S enough for today. To be continued!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mary's Nectar Eating Bat's (Call of the Bloom)

This is a presentation about Nectar eating bats. It is about...................... Wait no.... You have to read and watch the presentation. I hope you enjoy!!!! (Please leave some feedback)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sound Quiz

Mary and Lizara's Sound Quiz from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is mine and Lizara's Movie that we have put together. It is based on the Topic Sound. Me and Lizara did different sounds that you would actually hear with your own ears. You have to figure them out before the answer pops up...... We hope you enjoy. And best of luck. Turn you ears on because you will be needing them!!!

Bits Of My Holiday

During the Holidays I went down to Queenstown. Where or the fun and and nature things happen. When I landed my flight which was Air New Zealand, I quickly hopped of the plane. When I was outside of the Airport I was surprised because, in Auckland it was raining and in Queenstown it was sunny like nothing.

We went to collect our baggage then rent a car. The car was a Rav 4. It was a really cool car because when you needed to start the car you just pushed the button. But it kind of boring because my favourite song was on and we couldn't leave the car on, because it was a push of button. But anyway we went to our Hotel which was called Rydges. It was so fancy. Here is a picture down below:
To Be Continued.........

Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

While walking into school, I could see balloons hanging off the school hall floor. When it was lined up it looked like a runway at the airport. I went to class but it still wasn't open. So I went back to the hall to have another look. It looked completely different compared to the other starts of the terms. I went back to class I waited for a while then my teacher arrived.

We all walked into the room with lots of chatter. When I walked in it felt like I never went on holiday. But I was glad to be back at school. Class 4 sat on the mat and had a little chit chat, then Miss Squires finally called out the roll.

"Okay so we are just going to put out the chairs and then it will be time to go to assembly." Exclaimed Miss Squires. When we finished what she said we went to immersion assembly. The class sat down and waited patiently for Mr Burt to call out, "Tena Kotou Tamariki Ma." Mr Burt had finally called that out. Mr Burt had his Korero and then called out, "Give a great big Paki Paki for team 1."

When all the teams from 1 to 4 had their turn to demonstrate, it was finally teams 5 turn. Mr Barks and Mrs Nua lead the way down the 'Run way", (The Hall) had the rest of the teachers followed. They had different instruments that I think they made and played it. But it wasn't going to well for them. So luckily they recorded themselves. The video showed up on the screen. The instruments sounded incredible. They had like their own little band.

And then we did the same thing as we would always do at the start of the term... But overall that was the best start of the term........

So the topic for this term is sound... Well it is for the seniors....