Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Freezing Morning

When I woke up early this morning it felt like I was outside covered in snow. I went for a hot shower and when I hopped out it was still cold. I couldn't believe it was that cold, but then I knew it was winter. Since I've been born and I been in winters.... It wasn't this bad. But know it is really really cold. We turned on the heater and the oven, and it only warmed out sitting room and the kitchen. Except....... The hallway. That was the frozen part of the house. 

When I put my shoes on my I still couldn't feel my feet, or my hands. I had a warm breakfast and a hot Milo. By the time it was 8 o'clock I jumped into my car ready to get dropped off to school. The car windows were iced. Literally ice. Inside the car was freezing. (Of Course.) Even the heater in the car was on and obviously it was cold!!!

When I got to school I quickly cam inside because I knew that it was WARM!!!!
I never want another morning like that. (But I know that it might be happening for some time.)

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