Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Milford Sound

In Milford Sound it is always raining. But if your lucky enough you would be able to go on tour on a sunny day. Why is it always raining you ask? Well in Milford Sound there are big Mountain that are above the clouds. And when it rain it performs big waterfalls. And the look really awesome. It is good that it rains because you get to see Waterfalls, but then it's also good that it doesn't rain cause you can get to tour around Milford Sound.

I went to Milford Sound during my holidays at it was fabulous. I got to go through the mountain. Literally through the mountain. They made a tunnel through the mountain which is really dark but very
cool at the same time.

Milford sound is a very natural place. If you have the time you could go down there it is very very cool.

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