Friday, May 23, 2014


It is a Friday night 23rd of May, 2014 and we are starving ourselves at the 20 Hour famine sleepover here at P.E.S. The cause of this is because over in Malawi there are kids and families that have no food, no clean water, or medicines to help them for their sickness. They are starving and suffering from sever poverty. Over in Malawi you can get really sick or even die just by getting bitten by a mosquitoes. Well if you're in New Zealand and you get bitten by a mosquito you can just scratch it then deal with it later, but not in Malawi.

We are also celebrating the 40th year of the 40hr famine. Here at Pt England School, we have been doing the 20 hr / 40 hr famine since 1992. So that is a long time.

Just before we had 2 ambassadors come in and 1 becoming one. And they told us about what it's like in Malawi and where they slept, and what the Malawi families had to eat... And that is called Nsima. Here in NZ we call it play dough. So what they are eating is play dough. Just listening to Cici and Latisha telling those stories about those kids, it was really heartbreaking. Imagine that you and your family going through what they are. That would be so tough.

Malawi is in the south Africa. In Malawi their are little villages/communities inside the actual Malawi. Since the start of this term or a bit longer we have been researching about Malawi. The 7 & 8 extension group have been comparing. For example... The time we get up will be 7:00am but over in Malawi they would have to get up around about, 4:00am in the morning because they have chores and thy have to do a 2 - 3 hour walk to school. No breakfast or lunch of dinner before, during and after school to eat. They only get one meal a day, and that one meal would have to feed 6 people.

The famine committee also the other that have joined the famine have to raise at least over $1,000.

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