Friday, May 16, 2014


Have you ever been in a world where there is no sound at all. Well my dad is because he is deaf, but he finds it okay. He has never heard what sound is or how sound is made. But he can feel it. If sound never existed in life it would be absolute BORING! But my dad is used to it. He doesn't use echolocation, but he can feel the sound.

What is Echolocation??? Well echolocation is a high frequency that only animals such as, Dolphins, Whales, Shrews, and some birds can hear. These particular animals uses echolocation to find it’s prey and to navigate. The animals send out sound waves... And when it hits it’s prey, the sound wave bounces back to the animal. In other words, Ricochet.

Did you know that there is this boy named Ben? You might not believe this story at first, but trust me you will believe by the time you finish it. There is named Ben who is blind. He has been blind since he was 3. He uses echolocation to get around. When Ben and his family moved it took Ben a little time getting used to. But he ended up finding his way. Ben had cancer. So he had to have his eyes surgically moved. Since he’s had his eyes moved he can do amazing things. Like when he was in the car with his mum he drove past this big building, because he is blind he couldn't see it. But he said to his mum, “Mum........ Can you see that big building over there.” And that was just an amazing moment. But it is very very sad. Because a couple of years later his cancer had come back. The he had died.

But it was good that Ben could use echolocation like the animals. I'm not saying that he is an animal, but that he can do incredible stuff to do with echolocation.

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