Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 Visual Mihi

The year 7 & 8 extension group have been working on their visual mihi. It is about our family and what you do in life and who you are.

We had to go on hyperstudio and draw all our symbols . Then we took a picture of ourselves on photo booth. Then we all put it together in Comic Life. And that is how we came up with this.

As you can see my fist symbol is my culture. I am Maori and Pakeha. My second symbol is what nationality I am. I am Mormon. My third symbol represents what sports I love. I mostly love Netball because it is fun and it makes you use up all your energy. And for my lucky last symbol I have a heart. That heart represent something and that is my family. I love my family very much.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Holiday Animation

Mary's Animation from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

For our first animation of the term we did our holiday. Well my holiday is all put into a movie. Just above is a movie that was first drawn, animated and put imovie. Then turned into a movie then uploaded to vimeo. My holiday is about..... Uh..... You have to watch it first. I hope you enjoy.1

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mary's Bio Poem


Hello my name is Mary
I am the daughter of Mary and Brett
I love netball, singing, and really scary movies
I hate being sad, I hate being angry, I hate hating anybody
I want to travel to, Hawaii, Vanuatu, Paris, and America
I wish I could meet, Beyonce, Jessica Mauboy, and Jordin Sparks
I am Scared of poisonous spiders, (That’s it)
I dream that I could be rich, that I could be a singer.
I am proud of me doing well in school, being good at what I do, and being a good netball player.
I live in Glen Innes Auckland, New Zealand
And my name is Mary

Kia Ora my name is Mary
I am dreamer, I am always singing anywhere, everywhere, 
I am noisy, I am happy
I am a sister and a daughter, I am also a mokopuna, (Grandchild)
I am a lover of, netball, and going to places like Rainbows End,
I am tired when I wake up in the morning for school, am always walking slow in the mornings but am always enthusiastic by the middle of the day,
I always go to special birthdays, and engagement parties,  
I always need new shoes like every 2 months, I always need my hair trimmed because I get split ends, I need new books because I love reading,
I fear, spiders (Poisonous spiders) That’s it
I would like to be a millionaire, I would like to finish school, I would like to be a singer and a netball player.
I am a resident of Auckland

My middle name is Shelly

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Flower Show

Did you know that the Flower show was previously held here in the city of Auckland. Then the showed moves to Christchurch. Approximately 10 thousand people attend the flower show. The flower show has been going since 1994. Except 1997 and 2011, (Because of the Christchurch Earthquake.)

The first show was held in the Auckland suburb of Ellersilie at the Ellersilie Racecourse in 1994.