Thursday, August 6, 2015

How do People Receive and Spend Money?

Topic - How do people receive and spend money?

Are you tired of never getting money or losing your money in a small amount of time? Maybe you don’t deserve it and need to do more chores, or maybe you’re just not being FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE!  Don’t stress because today we are going to be looking at how people, spend and receive money.
My goal for this explanation is to get those of you who are reading this and others out there to understand how to use your money wisely in other words... How to be Financially Responsible? Another purpose I am writing this explanation, is to get those who receive money to appreciate the amount they are given, also to take consideration of those who receive the money for them.

When you ask people how they receive money, the first thought that comes to their mind is the ATM. But what they don’t know is that there are many more ways that people receive money. Yes, an ATM is a way people get their money out. Publics uses their card to get their money or to see how much they have on that certain account. Most people think that when they get money out they are on a benefit, but obviously they are completely wrong. That doesn’t specifically mean that. The could have a job and just have their work money out into their payment card. Hey, that’s another way people receive money... Is by working or having a job.

A lot of people receive their money by working or having a job. They could be a builder, receptionist and many other things. If you have a job surely you are going to get paid. If you work overtime then you are paid more. That’s the thing with jobs you get paid and you get to do stuff that you like. Most of the time. Some family work because they need money to pay for the bills and need stuff that they don’t have, and whatever job they can get they will have. Do you know any other ways kids could get money? Wait hold that thought I do. CHORES!

Yes kids, if you want money you have to earnt, because there won’t be another way unless you ask for it. But you don’t want to ask for it because that’s just sad. So do some chores around the house. Clean the windows, Wash the Dishes, Do the washing etc. When you do these things you are sure to get money. There is one thing I want to tell you. BE GRATEFUL FOR THE AMOUNT YOU GET!  Why? Well it is better than nothing is it. So do chores and receive money.

Yes so there are many ways of how people receive money like... If you are on a benefit you have an income, You could receive money by having a scholarship. But that isn’t for you to spend. The scholarship is for you to choose any private school in New Zealand. Since privates school are really expensive like $22,000 a year. The scholarship either pays all of it or just some of it. But this is still another way to receive money.


How people Spend their money?

How people spend their money is none of my business, but here are some financially responsible ways to spend your money. If you keep reading the next time you receive money you wouldn’t run out so fast.

Firstly when you are received money you would think of going shopping or getting a feed. Well that isn’t being financially responsible is it? Before you even think about going out you should make a list of what you need or what you need to pay off. Kids this goes for you as well as you adults. Making a list will really help you on what to spend and save money.

Secondly when you are given money you should limit the amount of money you spend, and out the rest away just in case you might spend the whole lot.

Once you have bought the stuff that you needed then that is when you can spend up large shopping and going out. But at least you know that you have the stuff you need instead of worrying about it.



So there you have it!!! An explanation on how people receive and spend money. At least when you finish reading this you will know more about being Financially Responsible. I hope that this will help you in the future with your money.

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