Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ANZAC Memorial

On Friday the 24th of April, it was Poppy Day. The next day was of course ANZAC day but due to schooling and everything we had it on Friday. The schools all made their way out to the Memorial Garden and all waited patiently for it to start. Mr Burt spoke then the Reveille started. Just watching everyone listen was really heart-warming and lovely. 
As soon as it finished I spoke.
E kore ratou e koroheketia
Penei i a tatou kua mahue nei
E kore hoki ratou e ngoikore
Ahakoa pehea i nga ahuatanga o te wa.
I te hekenga atu o te ra
Tae noa ki te aranga mai i te ata
Ka maumahara tonu tatou ki a ratou.

Ka maumahara tonu tatou ki a ratou.
Saying the ode in Te Reo Maori was really honouring and respectful, in the name of those soldiers who fought for our country. "Right now, we will observe a minute of silence," said gently Mr. Burt. Standing their during that minute of silence, looking at the crosses really made me realize how much courage the soldiers had. Millions of things were swirling in my head, like... How brave they were, how much love they had for their family. I was really glad that we had the memorial in remembrance of those soldiers. 

That day was really respectful and honouring at the same time. It makes me proud and I'm sure others would feel this too to have a memorial in the name of soldiers. 100 years ago we had loved ones fight for our country. Never in many years or infinity will we forget them.
WE WILL REMEMBER THEM! Lest we forget!