Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review of the Year 2015

The year 2015 has been a great success. With schooling and even with our families. Sure there’s been some up’s and down’s, but Team 5 has managed to come together and sort things out like a family.

When I first arrived into Year 8, I was worried that I might do things wrong as a prefect or even as a student. I was also nervous that I wouldn’t get enough time to finish my work due to being a prefect also an Extension student. But I was wrong and shouldn’t have doubted what I could do and couldn’t.

I feel really happy with myself because of what I have done this year. I have achieved so much this year and being a prefect has really upgraded my skills of leadership. This where our Year 8 Leadership camp comes in. At the beginning of 2015, Year 8’s had the opportunity to go to Marsden Bay. This camp was to show how much leadership skills we have and how we can improve. And that was where I learnt most of my leadership skills. I was glad that I went because it helped me confidence wise in being a prefect.

The thing that I found most difficult this year was my time management. It was quite hard because on Mondays I had Extension for the morning block, Tuesday mornings we had tech. Friday mornings we did inquiry. So I was weary of my time on Literacy because I had a certain amount of time. Which was good because I was preparing me for college. But I would like to say a HUGE! BIG! Thank you to Mrs Tele’a for helping me heaps in Literacy. Reading and Writing! Without her I wouldn’t know where I’d be this very day.

The things I want help with for my schooling is my Maths. This year I feel that I have done good in my Maths, but I know I could have done better. I wish I knew most of the things I know now to use at the start of the year. Thanks to Miss Clark for helping me for my Maths because that was one of my goals. Get better at Maths.

I’d like to say again that this Year has been a great success. But this couldn’t have happened without our Parents, Teachers, Community and others. And see we have our last trip ever at Pt England school next week Monday with the year 7’s. I can’t wait for that and I also can’t wait for College next year!

Come aboard - we're expecting you! from SchoolTV on Vimeo.