Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie Rules

On a cold and blustery Thursday, we played Aussie Rules. Our instructors were Megan and Allysa. So if you want to play Aussie Rules you should go and see Allysa and Megan.

What I found out was that New Zealand has 4 different seasons, and they are, Autumn, spring, Winter, and summer, and that happened all on Thursday afternoon. That’s fantastic. New Zealand is the only country that’s has 4 different seasons in a day. New Zealand is a special country!!!!

When room 13 got there, we had to wait for room 19. Finally they came. Before we could start we had to do a bit of a warm up, but the warm up had no name, so we called our warm up Bumper Jumper. Megan and Allysa gave us a demonstration of what we had to do.
Our first task was to find a partner. Firstly we had to hop on one leg and try bump your buddies foot to make them touch the ground, and if you made them fall that’s a point for you.

Our skill that we were practising was bouncing the ball. We started on our knees at first and then stood up and bounce the ball and finally while running. I now know how to bounce a rugby ball. I thought it was fun.

Base ball is a well known game. Well room 13 and room 19 were playing a game that is slightly like base ball. We had to kick the ball and then Alysa will give you another Aussie Rules Rugby ball so you can run with, but before you get to the first base, you need to bounce the ball, and you need to do that at every single base without stopping on any of them.

We had a great time at Aussie Rules I guess it’s not too bad after all!!!