Thursday, February 5, 2015

Introduction Letter

Kia Ora my name is Mary and I am at the age of 11 turning 12 this year. I come from a family of seven and I am one of the youngest followed by my sister. My culture is Maori and European. My mum is Maori and my dad is European . Wonder what the would make me? I was born in New Zealand at Auckland City Hospital. I first lived in Panmure then we moved to G.I (Glen Innes.) Ever since then I have loved being here.

I have two brothers and four sisters but only one is married and that is my oldest brother. Most of my sisters live around here, however  two live out south. I live with my mum, dad, my sister Maria, and little sister Stacey. They can be annoying at times.

My first school that I attended was Panmure Bridge. I didn’t spend much time there only about two years then I transferred to Pt England. During my time here I’ve experienced so much good things, and thats what I love about Pt England. I am now in year 8 but started at year 3. So I’ve been here for the majority of my schooling.
This year I have been chosen to be a role model at Pt England for 2015, in other words I have been selected to be Prefect. Also, it being my last year I am choosing to make the most of it and achieve most things such as Maths because it is not my best subject (If you know what I mean). I am considering attending Selwyn College as it is a good school (From what I’ve heard). Can’t wait!! (But that is if I get accepted.)

I do have a religion and that is Mormon. Mormon does believe in God and Jesus and the different prophets there were during the past time. Also us Mormons believe that the second coming is soon. The second coming is what we think when Jesus will come again. There is a song about, “When Jesus will come again.” I was thinking of being a Missionary but then I don’t want to. So I will wait.

Who likes cheesecake and other sweet stuff? Well if you don’t know I have a sweet tooth. I do! I can eat any sweets. I love cheesecake, chocolate, Russian Fudge and etc. I couldn’t live off it but I could eat an amount of it.  

In my spare time I like to chill with my friends or play on my phone. My hobbies are Netball, Volleyball, cooking, singing and dancing. Singing is just for fun and dancing is to show how much passion I have and that is a lot. I love to cook and bake. Baking is so much fun and delicious.
Hmmm for school I like.... Well I like to talk a lot but this year I am trying to cut down on that. I love Writing and a bit of reading and Maths. But I wonder why maths is my less best subject.

I have never really thought about what I wanted to be when I grow up and I am not planning on it soon. But I am excited for what the future brings to me.

Mary Henry.

Maths Vocabulary

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

First Day back at school

Today is now the 3rd of February and we started school on the 2nd. Yesterday was our first day back at school and I was so excited. Making my way into the gate the first person I saw was Mr Burt. Finally my friend Nikki had arrived.

When my named got called out to go to my class which is Room 2 I was so happy because I am in the same class as my best friend Nikki. It is also my first year of being a year 8 followed by being a prefect for the school.

I am honoured being a prefect because it shows that I can be trusted and be a good role model. I am looking forward to this year not only cause its my last year but because I am happy that I have good friends and to end the year with achievement.