Tuesday, February 3, 2015

First Day back at school

Today is now the 3rd of February and we started school on the 2nd. Yesterday was our first day back at school and I was so excited. Making my way into the gate the first person I saw was Mr Burt. Finally my friend Nikki had arrived.

When my named got called out to go to my class which is Room 2 I was so happy because I am in the same class as my best friend Nikki. It is also my first year of being a year 8 followed by being a prefect for the school.

I am honoured being a prefect because it shows that I can be trusted and be a good role model. I am looking forward to this year not only cause its my last year but because I am happy that I have good friends and to end the year with achievement.


  1. Kia Ora Mary,

    What a way to start school right! I was actually surprised that you got picked out as prefect at Prize giving last year in 2014. I think you deserved it any way because you work hard on trying to achieve finishing your work things. Having to do Barista and Moo-juice. I am happy that you and your best friend "Nikki" is having so much fun. I want to wish you the best for college and for the future. Have fun and hope to see you next time!!!

  2. Hey Mary,

    This is an awesome piece of writing and it is awesome that you got picked out for being an prefect. I hope you enjoy your last year at Pt England.