Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Going to the lagoon Swimming Pools

Yesterday my older sister Delina came and picked up me and my little sister Stacey and her daughter Sarahnea, to go to the Panmure Lagoon Pools. We were so excited. As soon as we got there we got changed and went straight into the pool. I heard my name being called. "Mary, Mary." I looked around no one was there. Turned around.... It was my friend from school Lizara.

We had our swim then went home. As soon as I got home, the next day I got sunburn. It's still sore but I will get over it.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

What we are having for Dinner

Tonight we are having a delicious dinner. It was made by my Mum, Aunty, Uncles, and the kids.
We are having: Sausages, Mince Patties, and Salads. I am definitely looking forward to it. I am so hungry. I can not wait and let's not get started on what we are having for dessert. Okay I will tell you. We are having chocolate logs with Pavlova and peaches. I am sure that would be delicious.

Mowing The Lawn

Today me and my uncle and niece mowed the lawn today. Firstly we had to go and pick up the lawn mower then we stopped and the G.A.S station to get some gas. Then we picked up the rubbish around the house and we were ready to start mowing.

When we were trying to start the mower up my uncle broke the string that is attached to the whole mower. So we jumped into the truck and went to mitre 10. As soon as my uncle got the rope he wanted an ice-block. Eating the ice-block the others were melting.

Pulling into the drive way I couldn't wait to start mowing the lawn. We took everything apart so we could put the rope in. Such a big job for a little thing I reckon. As we were getting ready to put the rope in, we find out that it doesn't fit. So we go back to mitre 10 to change it. We got a little bit of extra money back too.

So everything after that had worked out perfectly. My uncle pulled the string and he was away.
We helped him by clearing the way. Whenever he would go past us with the lawn mower it would hurt us because of the stuff that pops out of it.
It was a long hard day but I enjoyed it.

What we did today - Work

"Come on wake up. You are not sleeping in today," shouted my aunty. I woke up without any care. Could barley walk down the stairs or wash my face properly. "Where are we going aunty." I asked politely. "We're going to work." "WORK" I thought in my head. I didn't want to say it aloud because I wouldn't of got my special present. Thinking in my head, "I thought we finished work at school. So much for the holidays."

As my aunty was making our lunch, we were having porridge for our breakfast.
We put on our shoes and we were off. We started to make the ground not feel much gravel and we tried to flatten it. We did really good. Me and my cousin then started to work on the Gorse. Are you wondering what is Gorse? Well Gorse is a plant that has prickles all over the stalk. And it is very sore. Here is a picture of what the Gorse looks like.

I tried my best to handle it but is was too painful. I wanted to stop straight away. But I never gave up. I tried and tried until we were done. We worked for hours and hours. But after we were done we had these marks of where the Gorse had spiked us. It looks like a rash but no.

As soon as my uncle had finished stacking his second to last stacks of wood. Me and my cousin went back out to Pukekohe and stacked the last stock. Finally we went to Papakura pools. My uncle paid for us to go on the hydro slide, and boy was that fun. We waited for my little sister Stacey and my Niece Jovana. As we were coming out of the slide they saw us and strated bragging. They weren't meant to see us but things happen.

That wasn't the greatest time of my life but it was still kind of fun. (Maybe.) I do not wish to do that again only if we are able to go to the pools again. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Why I loved being a Year 7

This year has been an extraordinary year. I have loved every minute of it as well as being great friend of some of the year 8's. Through the year everybody has been friendly and it was hard saying goodbye to the year 8's because it was like growing up with them.

The things that I have enjoyed this year are: Being a Moo-Juicer, Making Coffee  for the school, being a role model for the juniors. Becoming a year 7 has really made me step up and show what a good role model is.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Miss Squires for teaching me a lot and being a good teacher. And to thank you to the Admin teachers. You guys have supported the school a lot. And a big thank you to Mrs Tele'a for being the best extension teacher ever. Also a HUGE Thank you to Mr Burt and Mrs Burt for making this school happen. If it wasn't for you guys where would we be right now.

I have loved being a year 7 and I definitely can not wait until next year when I will be a year 8. I hope I do my best.

Decorating our Christmas Tree

As I was walking past a big box I was wondering in my mind, "Should I open it, or...." I decided to open the box. My parents weren't home only my older brother. Me and my little sister pulled the tree out and put it together. 

We searched everywhere for the decorations and finally we found them. They were in my parents wardrobe down the bottom. It took two sisters to search the house and all along it was in a wardrobe. The first things we pulled out were the bells they made a lot of noise but it was fun. Secondly we pulled out the strings that go around your tree. To be honest that was quite the hardest bit because you had to go right around the tree. 

For the finishing touch we added some lights. Be and my little sister Stacey put the lights onto the tree. We couldn't wait until it was night time because we really wanted to see what the lights looked like on the tree. 
Finally we added the candy canes. We had 1 to eat then we stopped. We wanted to save our family some.

We heard our parents pulled into the drive way. We quickly packed everything up and as soon as they walked through the door.... They were surprised. I reckon we saved them a lot of work. I think they should of awarded us. But I thought again and realised that they were getting us presents. 

We had the best time decorating our tree and I can not wait to do it next year.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Maori D.L.O

The last term we have been learning about Art. But not only that we have been learning about Maori as well. So to match with our voice recording we added a animation. So here is our Maori D.L.O's. You can also find my friends that helped me make this animation in these links. LizaraLesieli. We hope you enjoy our Maori D.L.O.

Lizara, Mary and Lesieli - Maori Korero from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Writing Sample - Friends

Who has a good friend that cares and make sure you are Okay? I sure do. Friends are people who are there for you through tough times. And they also make you happy. Make sure you hold onto the good friend you have, and let nothing happen between your friendship. They’re like family to you.

Little did you know that friends could be a teacher. They could teach you about how to play a game that you didn’t know how to play, or teach you about their culture.
Certain friends are shy and may not like mingling in. So it could be your job to ask them, “What is your name,” or introduce yourself first and make her/him feel welcomed.

What is a good friendship? You ask. Well a good friend never lies to you nor go behind your back to do something nasty. Friends help you make the right decision as well. Sure you guys may have some hiccups along the way... but you guys end up making up. And that is a true friend.

Being a friend to someone is a special honour. I love being a friend to my friends. I make them laugh, they make me laugh. But the most important thing in a friendship is making sure you choose a good friend that is good to you as much as you would be to them. If you're not kind then you’re not a friend at all.

I reckon I have the most amazing friends I could ever have. They are kind to me, they show empathy to me and I thank them for that. I have had some hiccups with my friends, but we grew up and got on with our friendship.

Future Aspiration

Have you ever wondered how you will turn out in the future? On Wednesday we had special speakers come in and talk to the intermediate block about our future aspirations. Luckily enough we got the chance to sit through a little conference to hear about their past, their tips and guidelines for us in the future.

One of the speakers were Mr Anthony Samuels. He talked about our past, and how it doesn’t have to stop us from having a good future. Mr Samuels specifically said, “Your past does not have to determine your future.” What Anthony meant by saying that is, just because you have made some bad mistakes in the past, does not mean you can’t have a future.  Basically he was saying you don’t have to make the same mistakes over and over again. We can learn from them, we just need to put them behind us and make a fresh start.

The second speaker was Paula Fakalata. Paula talked about his past and how although he was just a year 9 he did conference speaking. At only 14 years of age he gets paid for speaking in front of hundreds of people. Just imagine that was you. It must have been terrifying. Throughout his journey of finding his aspiration he had to take risks. That was what all of his talk was about. “You will have to take risks to get to where you want to be.”

Lastly a girl named Amelia Unufe also talked about her past. She spoke about how her older brothers were in gangs and she didn’t like it. Amelia was worried that she wouldn’t succeed in having a education. But she an important message. Just because your older siblings didn’t succeed and dropped out of school doesn’t mean you can’t have a great future. Keep hold of your aspirations. Through this  Amelia has succeeded in life and is now in her second year at university doing her fashion design degree.

Throughout this experience I truly believe that we can be all of these if we follow their advice. We can get a good degree if we just do our best. We will SUCCEED!

Presentation Cultural Designs

Cultural Designs

For the last Term we have been learning about Symbolism and Art. But for the last couple of weeks we have been looking at Symbolism and Tattoos. We have been looking at a common Tattoo and that is a cultural Tattoo. 

My cultural tattoo is about my culture and my family. 
It took me a while to think about what design to do, but I found one in the end. There where different design to choose from but I reckon I picked the best one.

The first image is about my mums side. As you can see the top picture is the one I've drawn. And the bottom picture is the one I got inspiration from.  I picked this particular design because it shows who 
I am and also because my mother is Maori. If you look at the image it has a description about that picture. It reads, 
"The Fish-Hook shape of the Hei Matau came from a Maori legend. Apparently it hold the North Island of Aotearoa (New Zealand). It was a big fish caught by Maui. And used his Grandmothers Jaw bone to catch that fish." And that is the reason why I picked it. 

The second image represents my dad's side of the family. As you can see this is the Hungarian Coat or Arms. And same as the other image the top picture is my drawn picture and the bottom is the
same picture I got some inspiration from. And if you read the image it reads, "The Coat of Arms was restored on July the 3rd 1990. The Coat of arms have been used before with and without the Holy Crown of Hunagry. It became part of the empire when Hungary became part of the Hasburg empire." The reason why I picked this certain imgae is because my dad is part Hungarian. Through his father. And it is really important to me. 

Overall I wouldn't get a tattoo if someone passed away in my family or if I just wanted to. But if you wanted a cultural design and you were the same culture as me I would recommend it. 

Pe'a Tattoo - Mr Tele'a

This Term we have been learning about Symbolism and art. But for the last couple of weeks we have been looking at Symbolism and tattoos.
There are different tattoos in the world, but the common one we have been looking at is the Cultural tattoos.

Our extension site had questions like... Would you get a tattoo? Why would you get a tattoo? What made you get the tattoo? We were all luckily enough to get the opportunity to see a Pe’a in real life. How we got this opportunity was through the beautiful Mrs Tele’a, who asked her husband is he could take off work to come in and show us his tatau.

We asked Mr Tele’a question like.. Was it a choice or a must? Did you get a choice of what design you wanted? Of course Mr Tele’a answered, It was a choice for all of them. Mr Tele’a got the tattoo with his older brothers. And he did not get to pick what design he wanted. The tattooist just started the tattoo. He also said that the tattooist didn’t have a piece of paper to copy of, he just went hard.

I bet you're wondering, What kind of tattoo did Mr Tele’a get? He got a Pe’a tattoo which is a traditional male tattoo of Samoa. It was originally called a Malofie but it has changed throughout the years and also means respect.

It was a big favour to ask of Mr Tele’a to show us his tattoos and we thank him very much. He put on a lava lava and showed us the tattoos he got.
On his back was a tattoo of a canoe. That was the one that really stood out. Mrs Tele’a asked  to stand up and point to where each tattoo where, and it was kind of difficult.

We thank Mr Tele’a for taking time off work and coming in and showing us what a Pe’a is. And We thank Mrs Tele’a for making this happen.
Throughout this time I have learnt a lot about a Tatau and what Pe’a truly means.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lydia Ko the Golfer

Korean Lydia Ko is a New Zealand professional Golfer. She was born on the 24th of April 1997. She has become the youngest person ever to become a real professional golfer. She had been the top - ranked amateur golfer in the world for 130 weeks.

In August 2013, she became the only amateur to win two LPGA tour events.
As an amateur she never missed a cut in 25 professional tournaments. Lydia Ko is the best young golfers in New Zealand and she is finally pursuing her dreams. She also started playing golf when she was 5 years of age.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Jo May the artist

Here is our presentation about Jo May. She is a very talented artist who wanted to be an artist all her life. She is passionate about what she does, and she is no where near giving up her career.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Book Review - Sister's Magic - Mabel on the Move

Book Title: Sister's Magic - Mabel on the move
Author: Anne Mazer
Reviewer: Mary Class 4
Grand total of books read this year: 7
Book Genre: (Highlight)

  • Science fiction
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Series
  • Fantasy
  • Other (state)

  • Biographies/Autobiographies
  • Historical
  • Instructional
  • Other (state)
Insert photo of book cover here:

Reading Level:
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Advanced
It is a long ride to the beach town where her cousins live, but Mabel is cautious about her sister because she has magic. And Mabel is a type of girl who likes to be neat and tidy, and her little sister Violet, is a messy little girl who loves having magic. Her mum had magic when she was little but it was a nightmare for her. So Mabel doesn't want her little sister ruin the trip for her and her parents.

"Who will watch them." " I will of course. (Goat-Face)".

Friday, November 7, 2014

Book Review

Book Title: The Witches
Author: Roald Dahl
Reviewer: Mary Class 4
Grand total of books read this year: 4
Book Genre: (Highlight)

  • Science fiction
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Series
  • Fantasy
  • Other (state)

  • Biographies/Autobiographies
  • Historical
  • Instructional
  • Other (state)
Insert photo of book cover here:

Reading Level:
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Advanced


3D Perspective Building

In Class for our animation task we had to draw from a perspective point. It was kind of hard but I ended up getting it done. I hope you like it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Colour Wheel

Volcanic Eruptions Hawaii

It was only recently that everything was absolutely normal in Hawaii. Until..... on the 27th of October there was a volcanic eruption in Hawaii. On Monday the lava was approximately 550 metres away from Pahoa Village but now it is about 460 metres. And that was just over night.

The residents of the Village of Pahoa are on alert and may have to move as the hot boiling lava continues to flow from the Kilauea Volcano towards their homes. It is only a matter of time until the whole island splits in half. Once the hot flowing lava reaches a certain point Hawaii will soon no longer be a big island.

Kilauea Volcano is one of the deadliest volcanos in existence. The lava could reach Kaohe Homesteads in four - six days. That must be terrifying for the elderly just thinking that there is hot flowing lava, coming towards you.
I hope that everything calms down in Hawaii.

Red-hot danger: In this Sept. 1, 2014 photo released by the U.S. Geological Survey, fluid lava streams from the Kilauea volcano in Pahoa, Hawaii

Friday, October 31, 2014

Going to The Auckland Museum

Entering the Museum all the year 7's sat on the floor. A lady introduced herself and said that she was a person that guided everyone. We didn't need any guiding because we knew where to go because of the map.... Not only that we knew the Museum inside out. I was so excited I couldn't wait. We were each given a sheet full of tasks to do around the Museum.

Our Parent Helper was Shannon. She was cool. First we went to the Maori Cultural to draw some flax. (That was the first task to do on that sheet.) Then we had to draw something that represented the Maori, and I drew a Pounamu. It was fun.

Second we went to check out the Pacific to draw something that represented the Islands. I drew a Samoan Siapo. It looked amazing on the wall at the Museum, but not when I did it. We went on to Level two and went into the Volcano house. That was sooo fun. I went in with Nikki and the rest of the group. When the house started to shake Nikki screamed a little. That was ultra funny.

After we finished our tasks inside we decided to go outside to the domain. We didn't know when, so Shannon called the other Parent Helpers. They said that we will be going after lunch so we had to turn around and go back.
After we finished our lunch we went down to the domain. We took some pictures of a, Flower, Statue, A tree and ETC.

We had a lot of fun. I wish that we could go back again later Next Year!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Warren Pohatu: The New Zealand Artist

Here is my Presentation about Warren Pohatu. He is a New Zealand Artist who creates extraordinary art, that has extreme detail. Please leave some feedback on what I done and please tell me what I need to work on!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Storyline Festival

On Thursday we went to the Storyline Festival in Manukau. It was an amazing experience and a really good time. We heard authors read their books, we made poems and we looked at some of their history.

The two authors that I enjoyed the most was Paula Green and Cath Mayo. They were really interesting Authors and they had really interesting books and poems. The reason why I liked Paula Green is because, we made a poem together. Not just Pt England School but different schools as well. Paula Green taught us about short poems and long poems. But the poems that she likes the best are short Poems.

The reason why I liked Cath Mayo is because she has really interesting books. And I like the way she got the idea to make that book. She went over in Greece. And while she was in Greece she discovered there was a cave. So she went to go and check it out. Cath Mayo saw a little hole and asked the others that were with her what is that. They replied, "That's where that Bats are. If you go in there you will get rabies." So she went to go and three injections in her Gluteus Maximus. And that is why I loved her!

Plus we asked them questions after they finished talking to us!

If I presented at this festival I would of either written a little riddle or just a little song to make it more effective. And did a dance to make it funnier.

Overall I really liked the festival. And it was a really good time. Hopefully I get the chance to go next year because I had an incredible time.
I would also like to thank the author for giving up their personal time to be at the storyline festival and talking to us about their books. Thank you authors!!!
Juliette MclverCath MayoJill MacGregorPaula Green

Monday, August 25, 2014

Authors - Story LIne

Catherine Mayo is a author that has written a lot of books. She has written books about Wars Books about kids that get lost and etc. Catherine Mayo also has another life beside being an author. There are interesting things about Catherine Mayo that none of us never knew.
1. She was a musician in a band called Gentle Annie.
2. She also loves being out in the bush.
3. And was born in a Catholic maternity hospital in Auckland.
Catherine Mayo writes Novel books, and also picture books. Novel books are like chapter books but with different word describing the same thing. One of Catherine's latest book is called 'The Bow'. Catherine is a great author and I hope she keeps on writing great books!
Here is a link to find out more about this particular Author.

Paula Green born in 1955 is a poet and children's writer. Her first children's book 'Flamingo Bendalingo' and was published by the Auckland University. She is a great writer and I hope to meet her someday. Here is a link if you would like to find out more about this Author.

Jill was born in Dunedin but now lives on the Kapiti Coast where she was a school teacher for many years. Her photographs capture children using their environmental resources to maintain their traditions. Here is a link if you would want to find out more about this Author. 

Juliette MacIver is also an author that writes incredible books. She grew up in Wellington and went to Victoria University. She writes book for children like the Toucan can. That is a really funny book.She is a great and clever author. Here is a link if you would like to find out more about her.

The author that I would like to see at the Story Line presentation would have to be Paula Green. She writes incredble poems. I really would like to meet her!

Friday, August 22, 2014


Ki-O-Rahi is game made up out of strength, accuracy, speed, ball skills, and you definitely need a strategy. You need to be able to do all these things so you can get points. And it is a hard game to try and win.

This game was created by the legend of Rahi. This is what it is about.

A tribe took Rahi’s wife, Te Ara while she was planting. And Rahi was determined to find his wife so he went to go and look for her. After he found her the tribes didn't want to keep fighting they wanted to make peace. So they united. And that is where the legend of Rahi came from the story.

This game is stilled played to this very day 2014. It is played on a field that is circular. Earlier during the year actually no so long ago, our school went to go and compete. They played at the AMI Netball courts. They played really well. Because they didn't understand what the ref was saying because she was speaking in Maori. Also we made it into the semi finals. So that was an good experience for them.

The purpose of this game is to try and get into Te Marama. So Te Marama can try and score a point. Also there are 7 players that are meant to be on a field, and is played on a circular field.

Ki-O-Rahi is a really great game to play and is also energetic. Plus it is a game that means a lot to Maori's.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Robin Williams

1951-2014 Robin Williams life sadly ended tragically. Robin Williams was a guy who had everything. He had money a life and a family. He was also a comedian an American Actor, Producer and screen writer. Robin was nominated academy award for best actor 3 times and won Academy award for best supporting actor.

Robin Williams was born at St Luke's hospital in Chicago. His mother Laurie McLaurin was a model from Jackson Mississippi. He had 2 brother s and 1 sister. He also had his own children. Their names were, Zelda Rae Williams, Zachary Pym Williams, Cody Alan Williams. My favourite movies that he was in was Mrs Doubtfire. There's also more movies he's been in as well like... The Crazy ones, Dead Poets Society. 

Robin Williams was a great guy. I wish that he never committed suicide because he was one of the best actors in the world! I will mis him and his funny jokes. He will never be forgotten. R.I.P Robin Williams. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact

Today was our final day of playing Astria Countdown to Impact, because we have just saved millions of lives. We also scored a percentage of 80%. The first time we killed the people then we tried again and we saved the whole entire planet. Firstly we killed the planet then we tried a different solution which was Solar Sail and the Kinetic Impacter.

Todays difficult part was figuring out how to save the planet after we have just destroyed it.
The easy part was when we knew everything. Before it froze we figured it out and just in time. Luckily I'll say!
Key Area's we completed today was everything because we saved the planet the second time.
Today was a great day and I would like to keep playing the game. If there was more levels that would be even better. This game has really taught me a lot in my vocabulary and my reading. I also learnt different meaning of words. It was excellent!
Now it it Groups B turn to go through what we went through! Good Luck to them!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kahurangi Dance Group

On Monday after morning tea we had made our way to the hall. When I was walking I was thinking, "Why are we going to the Hall". I thought we were going to play something. But there was year 4’s and up sitting down. I was like... "WHAT?" I was confused. I finally remembered that the Kahurangi dance group was coming in to perform for us. I was excited.

When I sat down I saw one of the girls standing there in her costume. It looked really appealing. As soon as Mrs Nua had finished talking, the girl started the performance off with a speech. "Kia Ora everybody." I reckoned that was a great way to start the performance of. When she finished the men turned up the volume. They started dancing and singing. They had powerful voices and great harmonies. They were all like warriors. With a fierce face they did their pukana’s while doing their haka. It looked absolutely like they were a group. They finished their dance and haka.

"Kia Ora." We replied with a big "Kia Ora." The guy who said that was hilarious and was like a comedian. He was cracking us all up. Later on they chose 3 boys from our school. And they were.. Mr Goodwin, Korobeau, and Auri. Those boys were so funny. Whenever one of the men would do something with the Taiaha, they tried to do the same. We also talked about our Tangoa. Which means what we treasure. And they told us what their Tangoa was. One of the woman's Tangoa was their 2 year old daughter. I reckoned that was extremely sweet and lovely. My Tangoa would have to be my family.
We all had a great time and we wish that they come again to Pt England School.

Here is the link to where I have checked that I have everything that is needed in a paragraph.
Editors Link

2nd & 3rd Day Countdown to Impact

Yesterday I had my second day on the game Astria Countdown to Impact. It was an outstanding time. Me and my partner finally unlocked the code. It was 8 - * and .. - >>. It took us a while to figure it out and a very long time to in that 20 minutes. Me and my partner were relived to Have figured the code out. Now we are kind of on the other level. We are almost finished. All we have to do is get into the other room to but supplies for our spaceship.

Me and my partner tried again today. We only used 20 minutes of our time. We are so getting into it and it is really fun. It also helps us learn about space I guess.We had a lot of fun and we finally knew that it was fireball. We were always clicking falling rock. And it was the wrong one for the code. We were both trying our best today to try and getting into the door to our spaceship. We might have to try again tomorrow. I hope we do better.

This game is really fun and cool to play. It isn't just a game it is also teaching us something. I hope they make a second one if they can because this is such a great game!!!!

Tukutuku Patterns Maths

Monday, August 11, 2014


a. How many sticks were needed to build the 5 fish patterns?

b. How many sticks would you need to build 20 fish patterns? (See if you can work out how many without making the pattern)

c. Explain how you worked this out.
6 x 20 = 120 plus the 2 sticks from the fish tail.

d. In a spreadsheet create a table that shows how many sticks are needed for up to 20 fish.

f. How many sticks would there be in 42 fish?

Diving Description

With concentration, the diver was balanced steadily on the end of the platform.
As she jumped of the springboard she was times to precision and was doing all these things you had to do in diving. She had a perfectly symmetrical shape and only did a minimum of splash. The diver was really nervous at first but she didn't show it that much. When she got out of the water she went to go and dry off.

When judging you have to judge on the time, the summersaults and the minimum of splash they do. They can get a lot of points if they do all of that exactly.


Standing at the edge of the platform the balanced diver was just waiting for the perfect time. Just seconds to go she had counted. Not one bone moved from the diver. Until she leapt of the springboard. She kept her toes pointed and her feet was touching.

In mid air she twisted and turned like a spiral. She added some somersaults but only being a 4ft drop she had to wrap it all up, by ending it off with a clean entry into the water. With only a minimal splash the judges and crowd cheered. As she got out of the pool.

The judges were taking a while to score the diver from Australia. Standing there cold waiting for the judges to score. Finally they put up their score cards 9, 8.5 and 7. The cheering crowd welcomed the diver to the top of the podium as the diver received her gold medal.

If you don’t know how they score the divers they do, 3 points for  take off, 3 points for flight and 3 points for entry. To score a 10 they must impress the judges with their performance so that the judges can give them a 1 for their liking.

Athlete Task

Here is our Presentation about Valerie Adams. There are slides about her family and slides about her other life besides being a champion!!

Astria Countdown to Impact

This morning the extension group was very lucky to have very special people come in today. Their names were Naomi and Jasinda. They came in to tell us about this game they created. It is called, 'Astria Countdown to Impact' and it might sound like a planet game, but it is really fun and you could get quite addicted it. The person who created it was Stephen Knightly. It's about this girl/boy that is trying to save the world. There is like a thing or a comet ready to attack but that's when the Hero comes in. She/He has to try and stop the comet from attacking the planet. 

What was the most difficult part of today's session? The hard part of the whole session was when playing the game. We had to figure out the code and it was ultra hard!
What did you find easy and why? The thing that I found easy in the game was finding the ipad's because they were literally sitting on the ground. 
What key areas of the game did you manage to complete today?  Control Room, Sail lab and Hanga.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Stan Walker

Stan Walker is one of the best singers that I have ever known. He was born in New Zealand then moved to Australia and age 7. As he grew older he was starting to sing. Luckily there was a show called Australian Idol. The song that he chose to sing was 'Ordinary People' sung by John Legend. He got 3 yes's and went on to compete. He made it into the finals and won. While he was standing their after be announced that he won Australian Idol, his family was doing a Haka for him. It was outstanding.

Later on during the years Stan Walker had a daughter. Ataahua which means Beautiful in Maori. Sadly he lost his daughter during miscarriage. But since then he has made incredible music and has been in movies. Not so long ago there was a music video called Aotearoa. And it was made for Matariki. The song is in Maori and is really catchy. 
Stan Walker has had a lot of fun during his journey. I wish that he will make more fun and cool music. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Drumming in Assembly

As we were walking into Assembly I saw drums up on the stage. I had no idea what was going to happen but I had a fair idea. The Assembly went on as usual. Like we had the Duffy Awards, The Korero, and the Sports Certificate and notices. After that a man named Mr Sargent came in and did a performance with drumming. It wasn't electrical. It was acoustic. There is a difference. Electrical has plastic on the drum, whether with the acoustic it is rubber.

Mr Sargent started off a bit slow then he got the hang of it. There were different pitches like, High and low. It was very good and had a great beat. There was a certain beat that I liked and it was one where you could actually have a dance to it. It was incredible. It also looked a bit complicated because he had to drum on different things to.

Then we had another drumming group, but this one is a bit different that Mr Sargent's. This group was Cook Island drumming. And they use wood for their making of the Drums. Sometimes they even use shark skin. When they started drumming I could feel the vibration. It looked tiring once they were in the middle of their time but it was worth it. They had a awesome rhythm and was inspiring.

Both drummers combined their music together and it sounded AMAZING! At one part it was hilarious because Mr Sargent grabbed two of the parts from his kit and moved it towards the Cook Islands. Then he started drumming and turned around and moving his hips. It was ultra funny. In my head I was saying, "What a funny guy".
It was a great Assembly and I wish to have them here again. And I would want to learn how to play drums in the future.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Voice Kids

There is a programme on T.V 2 called the Voice. It is on 7.30 at nights at is a breath taking away event. There was an adult version of this show not so long ago, and now it is a kids version. It has just started Friday night last week but is still a fun and programme to watch.

There has been all kinds of ages like.. 9, 6, 7, and many more. The show is about kids who sing their hearts out and they have four judges there to turn around. If all four turn around then the kid has to choose only one. And if one judge only turns around then they either go with the judge or leave.

The judges are.. Mel B, Delta Goodrem, The Madden Brothers, and Ricky Martin. They are the best judges the kids could ever have. The last judges for the adult version were, Joel Madden, Ricky Martin,, and Kylie Minouge. The winner for that season was Anja Nissen. She was the best.