Friday, August 8, 2014

Stan Walker

Stan Walker is one of the best singers that I have ever known. He was born in New Zealand then moved to Australia and age 7. As he grew older he was starting to sing. Luckily there was a show called Australian Idol. The song that he chose to sing was 'Ordinary People' sung by John Legend. He got 3 yes's and went on to compete. He made it into the finals and won. While he was standing their after be announced that he won Australian Idol, his family was doing a Haka for him. It was outstanding.

Later on during the years Stan Walker had a daughter. Ataahua which means Beautiful in Maori. Sadly he lost his daughter during miscarriage. But since then he has made incredible music and has been in movies. Not so long ago there was a music video called Aotearoa. And it was made for Matariki. The song is in Maori and is really catchy. 
Stan Walker has had a lot of fun during his journey. I wish that he will make more fun and cool music. 

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