Friday, August 22, 2014


Ki-O-Rahi is game made up out of strength, accuracy, speed, ball skills, and you definitely need a strategy. You need to be able to do all these things so you can get points. And it is a hard game to try and win.

This game was created by the legend of Rahi. This is what it is about.

A tribe took Rahi’s wife, Te Ara while she was planting. And Rahi was determined to find his wife so he went to go and look for her. After he found her the tribes didn't want to keep fighting they wanted to make peace. So they united. And that is where the legend of Rahi came from the story.

This game is stilled played to this very day 2014. It is played on a field that is circular. Earlier during the year actually no so long ago, our school went to go and compete. They played at the AMI Netball courts. They played really well. Because they didn't understand what the ref was saying because she was speaking in Maori. Also we made it into the semi finals. So that was an good experience for them.

The purpose of this game is to try and get into Te Marama. So Te Marama can try and score a point. Also there are 7 players that are meant to be on a field, and is played on a circular field.

Ki-O-Rahi is a really great game to play and is also energetic. Plus it is a game that means a lot to Maori's.

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