Friday, August 1, 2014

Drumming in Assembly

As we were walking into Assembly I saw drums up on the stage. I had no idea what was going to happen but I had a fair idea. The Assembly went on as usual. Like we had the Duffy Awards, The Korero, and the Sports Certificate and notices. After that a man named Mr Sargent came in and did a performance with drumming. It wasn't electrical. It was acoustic. There is a difference. Electrical has plastic on the drum, whether with the acoustic it is rubber.

Mr Sargent started off a bit slow then he got the hang of it. There were different pitches like, High and low. It was very good and had a great beat. There was a certain beat that I liked and it was one where you could actually have a dance to it. It was incredible. It also looked a bit complicated because he had to drum on different things to.

Then we had another drumming group, but this one is a bit different that Mr Sargent's. This group was Cook Island drumming. And they use wood for their making of the Drums. Sometimes they even use shark skin. When they started drumming I could feel the vibration. It looked tiring once they were in the middle of their time but it was worth it. They had a awesome rhythm and was inspiring.

Both drummers combined their music together and it sounded AMAZING! At one part it was hilarious because Mr Sargent grabbed two of the parts from his kit and moved it towards the Cook Islands. Then he started drumming and turned around and moving his hips. It was ultra funny. In my head I was saying, "What a funny guy".
It was a great Assembly and I wish to have them here again. And I would want to learn how to play drums in the future.

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