Tuesday, August 30, 2011


In New Zealand many people wear jandels in summer, because it is hot. In Australia people call them flip flops. Flip flops is another way of calling them jandels. The reason why people wear Jandels is because sneakers a really hot to wear. So they have to take off their shoes, and that is anoying. That’s why we have Jandels. So in summer people will put on their Jandels, and have nice cool feet.


  1. Hi Mary,

    I like your story about jandels and I also like your picture. I wear jandels in the summer it does make you have nice cool feet doesn't it? Do you wear jandels in the summer?

    Keep on posting great posts and pictures!

    From Thea

  2. Great writing Mary. It was very informative. I have two pairs of jandals and will have to get more soon. Do you remember the movie from the Film Festival last year about the Jandal man? Here's the link

    From Miss Lavakula