Monday, August 29, 2011


For our third week of playing Badminton Donna was our teacher for the day. Donna was demonstrating what we needed to do, on our backhand and forehand. When Donna finished we went off and tried to do it ourselves. It was tricky, because it was hard serving the shuttle. We were getting frustrated, because when our class mates would serve they would miss. We had to swing it directly at them.

As soon as Donna was ready, we would be ready to play Badminton soccer. It was quite fun. We would laugh and and jump around, it was funny. We hit the shuttles powerfully, and used team work. Sometimes it would feel kind of awkward. Otherwise we enjoyed ourselves.

Our whole class played a game of badminton. There was one side of boys and one side of girls. In the girls team, some girls could not serve properly so Donna had to show them how to serve. We had to learn how to hit safe with a racket. When we were playing badminton we had to do quick body movements.


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