Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Do you know what Perimeter is? Well let me tell you.. Perimeter is how far around the outside of a shape. Click this Link Perimeter. And it will take you to the site.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Maths Symmetry

In room 13 we had to do Symmetry. This is a mirror one. We click Random then we have to copy the colours from one side, and make it into a mirror. Here is a link. Mirror

This one is a rotation. You choose your colours down bottom then click on a square. When you click that square it would do the same on the other squares but downwards and side ways.
Here is a link. Rotation

I want to be a Ambassador

Learning, Creating and Sharing is one of the best ways to show the world your learning. At Pt England School we do all those things. We learn a lot of things. We also create fabulous movies, animations and art works. All sorts of things. And the way to share it all is on our BLOG and sometimes TV or even competitions.

One of the best things I have done in 2012 was during our Art inquiry. In term 2 we made tissue flowers. It was interesting but really hard work. I learnt that I had to keep going till the end, and not to give up.
The way we created the tissue flowers was by making the petals  out of tissues. I glued them onto the cardboard. After I finished, I waited till the glue had dried then I painted the tissues. The way I shared my tissue flower was on my Blog and on the wall outside our classroom!!! Here is a link to my Tissue Flower.

I want to be an Ambassador because, it is a great opportunity to tell famous people what we do at our school. I think that I would be a great Ambassador because it will help me become a clearer speaker and not to be shy. You don’t always get a opportunity to talk to famous people. So that’s why I would be a perfect Ambassador.

I would also want to do the speaking in Maori. I think it would help me learn more Maori than I know now.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mary's Maths Tangrams

Tangrams This is a cat I made out of Tangrams shapes. Using 7 shapes to create all sorts of things.


I think that I am better at my writing compared to last year. I’ve improved a lot of my writing. It is amazing because last year I was terrible at my writing. I thought about learning very carefully this year. That’s how I improved my writing. By focusing.

This year was very surprising because I also improved my reading. I’m reading at age 13, and I’m only a 9 year old. That is amazing. I never knew that I could do it. I would have enjoyed doing more movie making and a bit more writing. To me writing is fun. Also movie making. I want to do more movie making because it is fun and is interesting.
My goals for next year is to get a little bit better at my writing and to add more detail to it.

Having a netbook is better than a pen and paper because, on our netbooks we can go online, on our blogs. Everything. But when we are with pen and paper..... It hurts my fingers.

The best thing about being a Year 5 is that I had a lot of fun. It was interesting to learn more about cameras how you can take interesting pictures. Learning how to use a Galaxy Tablet and ipads.

It is all to do with..... LEARN, CREATE, SHARE!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Pink alien and the Black Cat

While sitting in the kitchen a black cat was eating it’s dinner. A pink alien was dancing in front of the black cat. “MEOW!!!!!” Went the cat. “Oh No!!!!” went the pink alien with one eye. When the black cat was sprinting after the pink alien, the little fella was still dancing as he ran.

BAMMM!!!!!!! The little pink alien with one eye disappeared into the carpet. Where did that little scum go? The cat thought. “Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!” The pink alien laughed.  

“You think you can hide you pink scum but you can’t?”. Said the black Cat. The little pink alien kept hiding in the carpet. The black cat gave up on the pink alien.  “Don’t go”. The alien said.

Fine then. The cat thought. So he kept chasing after the pink alien. They ran everywhere. You are too fast. They both ran under the bed, over the couch, under the tables, and through the chairs.

The owner came into the door. She picked him up. “What on earth is that cat doing”.
Whispered the owner. In the end it was just the cat’s imagination. That’s The END.

Thank you Watersafe Auckland and Chris

Today was our last day of swimming. I am sure going to miss it. I would like to say a big thanks to Chris and to Watersafe Auckland for lending the pool to us for a term. And also to Mr Garth Jacobsen and Mr Malloy for putting in the chemicals and keeping it clean and locked.

We learnt a lot about how to be safe in the water. We learnt about, Floating, Treading water, and to wear a life Jacket when you're out at sea. We also built rafts. Our class made whirlpools. When we made waves we had to swim through them. I would want to say another big THANKS to Chris and Watersafe Auckland.... You Rock.

Swimming from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.