Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Pink alien and the Black Cat

While sitting in the kitchen a black cat was eating it’s dinner. A pink alien was dancing in front of the black cat. “MEOW!!!!!” Went the cat. “Oh No!!!!” went the pink alien with one eye. When the black cat was sprinting after the pink alien, the little fella was still dancing as he ran.

BAMMM!!!!!!! The little pink alien with one eye disappeared into the carpet. Where did that little scum go? The cat thought. “Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!” The pink alien laughed.  

“You think you can hide you pink scum but you can’t?”. Said the black Cat. The little pink alien kept hiding in the carpet. The black cat gave up on the pink alien.  “Don’t go”. The alien said.

Fine then. The cat thought. So he kept chasing after the pink alien. They ran everywhere. You are too fast. They both ran under the bed, over the couch, under the tables, and through the chairs.

The owner came into the door. She picked him up. “What on earth is that cat doing”.
Whispered the owner. In the end it was just the cat’s imagination. That’s The END.

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  1. Hi Mary,
    Your narrative writing made me laugh. I was enjoying reading about how the black cat and the pink alien were playing and running everywhere in the house, only to discover that it was the cat's imagination. I could see the look of horror on the owner's face! Great writing, keep it up!