Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When Mootisse and Pigasso Met

Once there was a pig named Pigasso. He loved painting. Pigasso would paint anything, in most unusual ways. At the same time, there was a bull named Mootisse. Mootisse was not like other bulls. He was not interested in Bullfighting, but he loved painting.

When they met they started to fight. So I guess they were ENEMIES!!!!!!! Pigasso and Mootisse never got along. They wanted to apologize, but they didn’t know how to.

One day they were painting. While they were doing their art they had an idea. Mootisse and Pigasso said that could say sorry through just painting. So they did just that. From that day on Mootisse and Pigasso became good friends. THE END!!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Composition IV

Composition IV is a mix of, swirly colours and soaring lines.

On the left, is a Sharp Violent motion painting. That means it has more drawings, and Sharp lines. The painting on the right side is all, Calm relaxed and has Colour harmonies.

Two Red - Hatted cossacks were holding black swords, in front of a Blue Mountain. While the Third white bearded cossack leaned against his Purple Sword. On top of the Blue Mountain is a castle.

Down the left, is a Rainbow, and Two cossacks on a Horseback getting ready to Battle. Down on the lower right is, two people lying on a hill, while above two cossacks watching over.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swimming Recount

“ YES!!!!!!! Swimming time!!!!! It is the best thing of the year. Can’t wait”.

Filled with anticipation, we walked to the pool. While talking, I didn’t notice I was right behind everyone. It was really tiring, I didn’t think I could walk any more further. Finally we stopped at the end of the grass, and made one line to enter the pools.

Hopping into the pool, it was so warm. The first lesson we learnt was freestyle. It was fun. At the end..... I could barely touch the bottom. The only thing I needed to learn was my breathing. I asked Natalie “ Why am I the only one having to practise my breathing”? I asked. “ I don’t know”. She replied.

Swimming is awesome. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Rhyming Words

Room 13 are trying to make Rhyming Words. Here are mine. Enjoy reading my Poem.

Walking to the pool,
Mary looked like a funny fool.
Across the tall grass,
I gasped and ran fast.

Having a shower,
we had great power.
Kicking with a board,
I slipped and then soared.
Getting into my togs,
I looked like a frog.
While having to kick,
I felt really SICK!!!!!

Jumping in the pool,
Everyone thought I was trying to be a fool.
To me I thought I swim to lot,
but then I lost the plot.

Kicking and paddling,
I struggled to breathe.
Luckily the lifeguards,
Chose not to leave.

While starting to sink,
I knew I had to think.
Swimming can be Fun,
But I still need some sun.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Tissue Flower

On Friday our class room 13 made tissue flowers. Here is a picture for you.... Sit back and ENJOY your reading......

Quickly I stuck the tissue flower on the paper before the glue dried.

Painting the flowers wa the hardest thing to do because, we had to make sure the colours didn’t mix.

Bright colours stood out while I was painting my background.

Step by step, we glued the parts of the flower onto the cardboard.