Friday, May 4, 2012

My Rhyming Words

Room 13 are trying to make Rhyming Words. Here are mine. Enjoy reading my Poem.

Walking to the pool,
Mary looked like a funny fool.
Across the tall grass,
I gasped and ran fast.

Having a shower,
we had great power.
Kicking with a board,
I slipped and then soared.
Getting into my togs,
I looked like a frog.
While having to kick,
I felt really SICK!!!!!

Jumping in the pool,
Everyone thought I was trying to be a fool.
To me I thought I swim to lot,
but then I lost the plot.

Kicking and paddling,
I struggled to breathe.
Luckily the lifeguards,
Chose not to leave.

While starting to sink,
I knew I had to think.
Swimming can be Fun,
But I still need some sun.

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