Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm Doing Great

Hello Room 17,
I can't wait till I come back to school. It is really boring in my room. The only fun thing is school and playing in my wheel chair. I might be at school next term. Because I am in the hostpital for 6 weeks. So I might see you guys in 4 weeks time. We do lot's of learning here at the Starship school.

In the morning we do English and then math till 11.45. And the we have an Hour and a half break. Then at 1.30 we do art. On Wednesday's we have a famous artist come in every Wednesday. She is fabulous. We also have a ukulele teacher come in every Wednesday morning.

How are  you guys doing?
Are you learning a lot of new things?
We also have a Radio Lollipop on level 2. It is awesome. Once they had the Shortland Street Stars in the studio. And they had Justin Bieber. It is really cool. I miss the class.

Have a happy holiday.

From Mary xoxo