Monday, June 23, 2014

B.A.R Key (Thinkers Keys)

During Extension today we have been learning about the thinking keys. There are 20 altogether but we have been just focusing on the B.A.R Key. 
B.A.R stands for...
B - Bigger
A - Add
R - Replace
Here is my pictures showing BAR.

 Firstly I drew my own Original Picture

 Then another student made something Bigger - B

 Then another student came and Added something - A

 Finally they Replaced one of my things - R


  1. Hey Mary I made your door bigger because it didn't look like many people could fit in it. :)

  2. Hi Mary, it was really fun this morning and if you didn't know, I actually edited your image a little bit. I made the door bigger in the first rotation. I did that because I thought that the door was a bit too small for people to walk through. :-)

  3. Hi Mary, I added more windows to your house so that there was more sunlight coming in, but also because your house looked quite plain. :-)