Friday, June 13, 2014

Writing Sample - Outrageous Netball Game

On Tuesday morning I looked up into the sky and saw dark grey clouds covering the sun. For quite some time I kept my eye on the weather because we had our Netball game. By the time it was morning tea, it started raining. When school had finished I made my way towards the hall, getting ready for our game. We got changed and waited for our ride. The whole team was getting a bit bored so we decided to practise our passing. Finally Mr J arrived with the Van.

Mr J dropped us off just outside the courts so it wasn't that much of a walk because of the weather. By the time we got to the courts it was pouring down with rain. I was shivering cold and my teeth were chattering. But we still went out in the rain a had a little game. “Mary, Hannah, Josephine, Lesieli and Ana, come back we are going to have a practise on our court.” Yelled our coach Miss Thompson.

I looked at the time 5 more seconds until the game. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The umpire blew the whistle. We all got ready and in our positions. The umpire again blew the whistle. We started. When our Centre (Quasia) threw the ball to me, it kind of slipped because of the rain. I quickly ran after the ball. It was so wet I almost slipped and and glide across the court. My hands were going numb so I couldn't feel the ball whenever I got it. Remuera Intermediate scored the first goal.

Again the ball slipped out of my hand and I had to run after it. My partner was fierce she didn't let me out of her sight. She tripped me a couple of times but I didn't care. It was really pouring with rain it felt like I was having a cold shower. The timer went off. We ran to our coach. She explained to us, “Do not throw long passes because the ball will slip. So it did.

Whenever it was our turn to throw off, the Centre from RI would cover me so I couldn't get the ball. I was soaking wet. Finally it was 4th quarter which is the last quarter. we scored the last 4 goals I think. Then the timer went off. We won by 3 points. We played pretty good despite the weather. It was outrageous. I couldn't believe we won to be honest. I hope we don’t have another game like that again.

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