Friday, August 14, 2015

GEGNZ (Google For Education New Zealand)

On Wednesday the 12th of August 2015 the year 7 & 8 extension students had the opportunity to present at the GEGNZ Summit Group 2015. GEGNZ stands for Google for Education groups New Zealand. Just so you know that this year is the first year that it has been held and Pt England School was luckily enough to be apart of it.

Once it was time to start we made our way into the school gym. This was located in the entry doorway. As soon as everybody was seated they began with a mihi then a Waiata himene, He Honore. After they sang they talked us through some school rules and emergency exits. Once they finished speaking, Hobsonville Point Primary school introduced a boy named Toby Carr. He is a successful CEO at only 16 years of age. (That’s incredible.) Anyway he talked about having a education finishing school and following our dreams. It was a bit like a future aspiration talk we have here at P.E.S. (Pt England School.) One of the sayings I remember he said was, “Follow your heart.”

As soon as Toby Carr finished his speech we went to our first session. This session would have to be my highlight and that is what I am going to be talking about today.
Firstly the boys introduced themselves secondly we were provided an Apple Macbook Pro, and a bag that was filled with 2 cups of playdough electronic wires and a little device that is called a Makey Makey. Our task was to go on scratchy and create sounds. Then pulled out the playdough, wires and the makey makey.

We had to create anything out of the playdough then connect one of the wires to the macbook finally connect other wires to the makey makey and wires to the playdough. Once you have connected all the wires you get to tap the play dough because one of the wires are connected to the playdough. Then when your sounds are ready on scratchy tap the playdough and it will play off the computer.
Image result for makey makey
This would have to be my highlight of the day because we had fun and we learnt something. It was very creative in many ways and also difficult in some ways. That day was fun and it was fun when we presented as well.

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  1. Hi Mary. Thank you for your detailed description about what you did in one of the workshop sessions at the Google Student Summit. It sounds like you learnt a lot and that it was a really enjoyable experience.