Monday, August 11, 2014


Standing at the edge of the platform the balanced diver was just waiting for the perfect time. Just seconds to go she had counted. Not one bone moved from the diver. Until she leapt of the springboard. She kept her toes pointed and her feet was touching.

In mid air she twisted and turned like a spiral. She added some somersaults but only being a 4ft drop she had to wrap it all up, by ending it off with a clean entry into the water. With only a minimal splash the judges and crowd cheered. As she got out of the pool.

The judges were taking a while to score the diver from Australia. Standing there cold waiting for the judges to score. Finally they put up their score cards 9, 8.5 and 7. The cheering crowd welcomed the diver to the top of the podium as the diver received her gold medal.

If you don’t know how they score the divers they do, 3 points for  take off, 3 points for flight and 3 points for entry. To score a 10 they must impress the judges with their performance so that the judges can give them a 1 for their liking.

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