Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kahurangi Dance Group

On Monday after morning tea we had made our way to the hall. When I was walking I was thinking, "Why are we going to the Hall". I thought we were going to play something. But there was year 4’s and up sitting down. I was like... "WHAT?" I was confused. I finally remembered that the Kahurangi dance group was coming in to perform for us. I was excited.

When I sat down I saw one of the girls standing there in her costume. It looked really appealing. As soon as Mrs Nua had finished talking, the girl started the performance off with a speech. "Kia Ora everybody." I reckoned that was a great way to start the performance of. When she finished the men turned up the volume. They started dancing and singing. They had powerful voices and great harmonies. They were all like warriors. With a fierce face they did their pukana’s while doing their haka. It looked absolutely like they were a group. They finished their dance and haka.

"Kia Ora." We replied with a big "Kia Ora." The guy who said that was hilarious and was like a comedian. He was cracking us all up. Later on they chose 3 boys from our school. And they were.. Mr Goodwin, Korobeau, and Auri. Those boys were so funny. Whenever one of the men would do something with the Taiaha, they tried to do the same. We also talked about our Tangoa. Which means what we treasure. And they told us what their Tangoa was. One of the woman's Tangoa was their 2 year old daughter. I reckoned that was extremely sweet and lovely. My Tangoa would have to be my family.
We all had a great time and we wish that they come again to Pt England School.

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