Monday, August 18, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact

Today was our final day of playing Astria Countdown to Impact, because we have just saved millions of lives. We also scored a percentage of 80%. The first time we killed the people then we tried again and we saved the whole entire planet. Firstly we killed the planet then we tried a different solution which was Solar Sail and the Kinetic Impacter.

Todays difficult part was figuring out how to save the planet after we have just destroyed it.
The easy part was when we knew everything. Before it froze we figured it out and just in time. Luckily I'll say!
Key Area's we completed today was everything because we saved the planet the second time.
Today was a great day and I would like to keep playing the game. If there was more levels that would be even better. This game has really taught me a lot in my vocabulary and my reading. I also learnt different meaning of words. It was excellent!
Now it it Groups B turn to go through what we went through! Good Luck to them!

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