Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mowing The Lawn

Today me and my uncle and niece mowed the lawn today. Firstly we had to go and pick up the lawn mower then we stopped and the G.A.S station to get some gas. Then we picked up the rubbish around the house and we were ready to start mowing.

When we were trying to start the mower up my uncle broke the string that is attached to the whole mower. So we jumped into the truck and went to mitre 10. As soon as my uncle got the rope he wanted an ice-block. Eating the ice-block the others were melting.

Pulling into the drive way I couldn't wait to start mowing the lawn. We took everything apart so we could put the rope in. Such a big job for a little thing I reckon. As we were getting ready to put the rope in, we find out that it doesn't fit. So we go back to mitre 10 to change it. We got a little bit of extra money back too.

So everything after that had worked out perfectly. My uncle pulled the string and he was away.
We helped him by clearing the way. Whenever he would go past us with the lawn mower it would hurt us because of the stuff that pops out of it.
It was a long hard day but I enjoyed it.

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  1. Sounds like you had quite an adventure just to get the lawns mowed. It must have been very satisfying when it was finished though.

    Mrs Burt