Friday, December 19, 2014

Decorating our Christmas Tree

As I was walking past a big box I was wondering in my mind, "Should I open it, or...." I decided to open the box. My parents weren't home only my older brother. Me and my little sister pulled the tree out and put it together. 

We searched everywhere for the decorations and finally we found them. They were in my parents wardrobe down the bottom. It took two sisters to search the house and all along it was in a wardrobe. The first things we pulled out were the bells they made a lot of noise but it was fun. Secondly we pulled out the strings that go around your tree. To be honest that was quite the hardest bit because you had to go right around the tree. 

For the finishing touch we added some lights. Be and my little sister Stacey put the lights onto the tree. We couldn't wait until it was night time because we really wanted to see what the lights looked like on the tree. 
Finally we added the candy canes. We had 1 to eat then we stopped. We wanted to save our family some.

We heard our parents pulled into the drive way. We quickly packed everything up and as soon as they walked through the door.... They were surprised. I reckon we saved them a lot of work. I think they should of awarded us. But I thought again and realised that they were getting us presents. 

We had the best time decorating our tree and I can not wait to do it next year.

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